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How to Host An Apocalyptic Party

Updated on December 10, 2012

The end is Nigh.. perhaps. According to so many predictions, the world will end on December 21, 2012. During the time leading up to a devastating conclusion to all that we know, it is imperative that we prepare - of course by hosting an Apocalyptic Party!

What is Your Apocalypse?

Every one has a different genre of what they think the end of the world will be. Some think it is zombies. Some believe that it will be an environmental disaster. Others believe that it will be a nuclear strike from some foreign land that is tired of putting up with our crap. Some believe that it will be something celestial - a solar flare, an asteroid crashing to earth. And the optimistic believe that it will simply be a change in consciousness, in the next stage of evolution.

Whatever you think it will be, and whatever you think will be the most fun for your party, you pick it out.

Zombie Apocalypse
If this is your choice, have each of your guests pick a side: Are they a zombie? Are they a survivor? Are they immune? Do they believe zombies can be cured? Do they enjoy killing zombies for the hell of it? Do they have a zombie fetish?
Make sure they pick their character ahead of time, and come dressed appropriately. Make sure that are dedicated to their character throughout the party. What the fun of zombies if they're not going to try to eat people?

Environmental/Celestial/Nuclear Disaster
Each person should be in their survival gear. They should have their twinkies, their maps, their filtered water, and their shovels. They should come prepared with survival guides on how to live off-grid. When they arrive, there will be no power in the house and no running water (ok, leave the toilet and bathroom sink running, it's alright to be sanitary during a party).

Alien Invasion
We are not alone in this Universe, and the aliens have arrived to show us how true this is! Prepare your guests to be Earthlings vs. -??? Have them pick which side they are, create their own alien species, or be an existing one from Star Wars, Star Trek, Independence Day, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Signs, ET - which ever suites their fancy. But they'd better make sure they have a good back story!

Hippie Apocalypse
Have people bring their crystals, bring their feathers, their spirit catchers, their candles, their drums, and whatever recreational color-inducing things they may desire. make this into a rainbow world of light and laughter, song and incense.

Religious Apocalypse
And behold, a pale horse! People may dress as angels, as demons, as religious figures, as the four horsemen - so on! It is the rapture! And every one must play their part! or perhaps they are of the Egyptian lore, and they are Osiris, god of Death and Resurrection, returning with his allies.

Every way the world can end - it will end!
Have a combination! Let every one chose their own Apocalypse! Have a healthy mix of Sun worshipers, demons, angels, zombies, zombie hunters, survivalists, the crazies that told you so - all of them! Bring all the worlds of myth and prophecy together to interact or battle - all in good fun of course!


If the apocalypse were to happen, food would be scarce. There are of course those who would be prepared for such event, who would stock up on MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) and spam as well as bottled water and toilet paper. However, that will only last for so long. After a while, we may have to resort to eating bugs, uninfected mammals (if we're luck), and perhaps eventually, human flesh. Here are some meal ideas to make your Apocalypse one step closer to devastation.

  • Spam Fondu
  • Ears on a stick (Put tooth picks in prawns so that they are shaped like ears)
  • MRE Casserole (Have every one bring a packet of MRE and mix it all together and bake it!)
  • Leg stuffed with Goat Heart (A leg of lamb stuffed with goats cheese and artichoke hearts)
  • Cannibal Cajun Brains (Shrimp Jello Brain Mold (See recipe capsule))
  • Zombie eyes in lard (Brussel sprouts roasted with duck fat or bacon grease)
  • Candied bacon
  • Eye balls (Deviled eggs with a slice of olive on top)
  • Brains (Get a jello mold shaped as a brain and create one massive jello shot people can dig into)
  • Twinkies wrapped in bacon
  • Stuffed Roaches (These are actually really delicious! See recipe, and I suggest adding a pomegranate seed or three to each one)
  • Rats on a Stick (See recipe link)


One simply cannot have a party and just leave it at that, at least, not if they are to have a party of Apocalyptic magnitude!

Story Book
I mentioned before that it is of importance that each person comes with their own back story. There are a couple ways you can put this into motion, aside from the obvious of simply staying in character.

The story Book - Have a blank book or journal set out. Each person must come and write their back story in it, where they come from, how they got to where they are, who they are, what they plan on doing for survival.
Videography - Interview every one. Have them explain where they came from, who they are, and so on, while being in character.

In the days following the party, compile it all to create a book of stories based on your guests, or one massive novel including all the characters. Likewise, do something similar with the video. You can print out or burn copies of your (everyone's) creation as a delayed party favor.

The Hunt
I cannot take credit for this idea. I have a friend who created this idea for a Halloween party. If it is done right, it can take lots of time. However, if your guests are quick, it can be over within five minutes.
Have each of your guests bring a "weapon" - a fake knife, an air-soft gun, a kid's bow and arrow, Nurf guns, a staff, a cross -whatever. Collect them upon their arrival.
Before hand, pick out a location for each weapon (approximately), and write a clue which will take guests there. Write a different clue for each person, while having a copy of each clue to put in various locations. These clues will lead a person to a location which has a weapon. For example, if there are four locations - a tree, a book shelf, the car and under the kitchen sink. There would be a clue to lead four guests to each place. Say once person 1 gets to the kitchen sink, there is another clue to lead them to the tree - and so on. These clues can be a photograph, a poem, jumbled letters - something tricky though. In each location will be a weapon. Once the weapon is found they can "kill" an opponent with it. Once the weapon is used, the person who used it must drop it where it was used. Another player may pick up with dropped weapon and use it again. But a weapon can only be used once by each player. Once a person is "killed", they are out of the game. of course the game gets more intricate with more people and more weapons and more locations. Groups might ad an interesting edge to it as well. Get creative!

World Murder Mystery Party
Get creative, I can only coach you so far on this one. If you have never heard of a Murder Mystery party, I highly recommend you look it up in more detail than I am about to give. A murder mystery party is usually a dinner party in which upon arrival, each guest receives a card which had their character on it (or before the dinner so that people can come in character). The card gives the back ground story of each person as well as things they are and are not allowed to reveal to the rest of the party. During the party, there is a murder, and one of the guests is the murderer! The goal is to find out which guest is it based on the cards which were handed out before hand.
Here is where the Apocalypse comes in: Who destroyed the world? Each of your guests is highly rich and has a chip on their shoulder in one means or another, and has hit the button which has destroyed the world. Some how some survived, and zombies attack the house all the while the guests discover that one person in this room is responsible for what has happened, they discover exactly what it is that has happened, and all the while they are trying to defend themselves against flesh-eating zombies!
You'll have to create the details yourself, but if done right, it could last for hours!

Spam Fight. Need I say more? I recommend this happens outside.

May It be A Bomb!

I hope your Apocalypse party goes well. There are a million ways you can make this party a success. Get creative, think outside the box, and get weird. That is the key to any crafty party is the weird parts.

"When the rabbit bites his own head off, I want you to throw that %$#&ing radio into the tub with me!" ~Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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    • BobMonger profile image


      8 years ago from Carlin, Nevada USA

      I've seen a person feed a bunch of miners Tequila and Red Bull (in the same glass-yuk) and that turned into an apocalyptic party, the damage was tremendous. Things weren't going too badly until someone mentioned the EPA and then all hell broke loose. For off the wall foods try the old testament books Deuteronomy or Leviticus in the parts of what foods are "good" and which ones are "bad." Grasshoppers are ok but not spiders or centipedes, etc. Great hub, by the way. You've got some fantastic ideas we'll have to try out.


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