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How to Host a Memorable BBQ Party at Barbecue Venues in Central London

Updated on May 21, 2013
Simple BBQ invitation
Simple BBQ invitation

Summer Barbeque in London

It is summertime in London and as it is said, living is easy during this part of the year in the capital. Or at least it will be if you pick these ideas to host a fantastic BBQ party in Central London. Barbecue is always a great idea to get together with your dear ones and enjoy summer in sun with your favourite food and drinks. It is a perfect party idea as it needs little planning and you can ask your friends to bring their own food too.

Once you decide to host a BBQ party, considering a venue is of prime importance. You will find a plenty of barbecue venues in Central London, offering beautiful surroundings to arrange a memorable event. From open terraces of London hotels to elegant halls to hire, you can pick any of them for your party. Do not forget these venues offer excellent catering service and an outstanding way of presentation too. Hire any of these spaces and make your summer special and unforgettable.

Here is the checklist to organise a wonderful BBQ party in London:

BBQ Invitations

Since barbecue is a causal celebration, you can simply call up your guests and ask them to join the party. To make the event more special you can prepare invites. Buy few ready-made invitations with summery decorations. Go for summer colours like orange, peach, and yellow. Images like flowers or the sun will create an extraordinary feel to your invitation.

Try out some homemade invitation ideas too. Get bright construction paper, colours and prepare them yourself. This takes sometime but it is more creative and ideal to invite the guests. Another option is to send wooden utensils. You can tie few wooden spoons, fork together with party details, and offer it as a giveaway.

BBQ Table
BBQ Table
Barbeque Buffet
Barbeque Buffet
cowgirl hat
cowgirl hat

BBQ Decorations

To add style to your party go for themed BBQ decorations. Decorate your party venue with themed decorations like Hawaiian Luau, Coney Island, or others. If you plan a late evening party, light colourful candles to add a special effect to the ambience. Pick some festive plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins to dine on open terraces.

Cover your tables with red and white tablecloths and put a floral arrangement in the middle for an exquisite centrepiece. Encircle the buffet table with netting for a graceful look. To party at dusk, hang white twinkling lights all over the party space.

If you want more information regarding BBQ invitation card and wording ideas, you can visit websites like

BBQ Party Costumes

People in London often attend barbecue parties in just causal clothes. You can use ‘kiss the cook’ apron or a hat for the cook. But, if you are planning something around a BBQ theme, ask everyone to wear clothing and accessories matching that theme. BBQ party ideas can be fun as they stimulate your senses for a perfect outdoor get-together with your friends.

For a bad taste movie theme, choose bad taste clothes. A Jerry Springer theme will allow your guests to dress up as someone who could be a guest on Jerry Springer Show. Hollywood BBQ will be complete with red carpet and some stars turning up to your party. Another great idea will be to plan cowboy themed celebrations. Make your cowboy themed party more interesting by asking your guests to dress with cowboy hat, boots, and jeans.

BBQ appetizers
BBQ appetizers
Kids at Barbeque
Kids at Barbeque
BBQ burger
BBQ burger

Preparing Appetizing BBQ Feast

Barbecue parties are mostly about serving tasty char-grilled dishes. Start the party by serving lemonade and appetizers to your guests. Simple and tasty snacks like breadsticks, fries, grilled shrimp, or grilled cheese marinara will be great to start your celebrations. Since meat is the centrepiece of your party, make sure you have plenty to go around. Try some new BBQ cooking styles. Roast pork chops in spicy vinegar sauce. Use regulars like kebabs, burgers, and sausages.

Spice your own meat by preparing nice tangy barbecue sauce. Try bourbon, sweet mustard, or maple barbecue sauces. Arrange for plenty of side dishes too. Your guests will love baked beans, baked potatoes, corncobs, chips, dips, pasta, and potato salad along with meat. For vegetarian guests, prepare grilled vegetables and meatless salads.

After some savoury meal, delight your friends with refreshing drinks, ice creams, fruit or milk shakes, apple pies, puddings, and tarts. Get different flavours in the dessert to satisfy your friends’ cravings.

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Entertainment and Games for BBQ

Hire a Central London venue with large outdoor space, where you can entertain your guests. To ensure your friends do not get bored arrange for some exciting BBQ games. Badminton, karaoke, and pinata are classic ideas, which you can include in the party. Hire a DJ or a local band and ask them to play few disco songs. To keep kids interested, organise quiz contest, race, and other children activities.

Adults can make barbecue sauce or roast marshmallows. Use best ingredients and high charcoal fire to give nice grilled taste to your dishes. Involve your family members or friends for an extended drinking or mat eating sessions.

If these are not enough, do something to make the guests remember this day. Give them simple giveaways like potted bonsai plant or a jar filled with colourful flower petals. Try these ideas and plan a perfect barbecue party at summer BBQ venues in London.


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