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How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Updated on July 21, 2013
Keep your live Christmas tree fresh with these tips!
Keep your live Christmas tree fresh with these tips! | Source

Live Christmas Trees

Nothing fills your home with the holiday spirit quite like a live Christmas tree. A real tree will exude an invigorating, heady aroma that no candle or aerosol can will ever match. They also echo the theme of an old fashioned Christmas and probably remind you of your childhood holidays at your grandparents' house. If you need some tips for choosing a live Christmas tree, click the link. Real trees are beautiful and deliciously aromatic, but unfortunately, live Christmas trees have a tendency to dry out, making them an eyesore and a fire hazard. By following the tips below, your tree should last four or five weeks - plenty of time for everyone to enjoy during the festive season.

* First of all, follow tips for choosing a fresh, hydrated tree. If you can find a locally grown Christmas tree, chances are much better that the tree is fresh because it wasn't shipped in on a truck. If you go to a tree farm and cut the tree yourself, you'll be absolutely sure that you're getting the freshest tree possible. Selecting and cutting your own Christmas tree at a tree farm is a fun holiday outing for the entire family!

* Once you get your tree home, take it to an outside area and hose it down with your water hose. This will remove any dead needles, dust, dirt, and insects. Use a sprayer nozzle on the hose and turn it to flat spray of concentrated spray.

* Next, cut a two-inch thick disc from the base of the tree. Once a tree has been harvested, thick rosin begins to cover the base within hours. This sticky substance makes it impossible for the tree to "drink" water. By making a fresh cut, the trunk will "open up" and be ready to suck in some water.

* Immediately place the tree in a stand with water. A stand that holds at least a gallon of water is best. Many tree stands now come with a reservoir that automatically waters the tree. These types of stands provide water to the Christmas tree on their own. All you have to do is make sure the reservoir is full at all times with clean, cool water. This is the best way to water a tree. With the large reservoir, you won't have to water as often, and you won't have to worry about moving gifts around or spilling water on your wrapped presents.

* Once the tree has dried from its shower, bring it inside. Choose a proper place for the tree, away from drafts, fireplaces, heaters, and central heating and air conditioning vents. Any of these will excellerate your Christmas tree's drying out and will shorten the "life" of your tree.

* Check your tree stand at least once a day for water.

* Have you seen the automatic tree waterers that look like gifts? They look great under the tree and they provide thirsty trees with a constant supply of water.

After Christmas is over, properly dispose of your tree. The tree can be useful long after the holiday season is over. You can grind it up for mulch, for one thing. Another way to make the old tree useful is to place it in a pond or lake. Crappie and other panfish will love the cover the branches provide. Also, if you remember exactly where in the water you placed the tree, you'll always know a great spot for fishing. If nothing else, you can throw a bonfire party for your friends and family by burning the tree. The tree will burn better once it's allowed to dry.


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