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How to Make a Halloween Costume for Your Dog

Updated on October 4, 2013
halloween dog costumes, patriciaegreen,
halloween dog costumes, patriciaegreen,

This ''Howloween'' why not invite your canine companion to join you in celebrating the scariest holiday of the year? If you have a dog who loves attention and does not mind having people coming over to greet the happy camper, then dressing him up for this Halloween may be a good idea.  Remember to always keep your dog's wellbeing in mind as not all dogs love to wear costumes even though we wished they did. The ideal Halloween costumes for dogs are therefore those that do not impair movement and allow your dog to walk naturally. Following are some DIY costume ideas for four legged friends.

Halloween Costumes You can Make for a Dog

You do not have to dig a hole in your wallet this year to afford a dog costume. Indeed, some costumes you can make on your own. The advantage of this is that obviously you will save some money, but most of all, you  may end up having a quite creative and unique costume nobody will find in stores. 

Some general rules to follow:

• Check  that your dog can breath normally while wearing the costume.

• Can the dog see well? Don't let your dog wear something that impairs his vision.

• Check for tight clothing. Make sure nothing he wears is too tight.

• Avoid things that dog may swallow such as beads, buttons or other accessories.

• Never leave your unattended when wearing a costume.

Keep it Simple

Not all dogs love to dress up. If you have a pooch that seems uncomfortable wearing a costume or you do not feel like dressing him up too much, then try to go with the bare minimum. Let your dog wear a cute bandanna or a decorated collar. If your dog accepts it with no problem, you can also go with a hat or fake braids.

Borrow a Shirt

You can let your dog wear a nice fancy shirt of your choice. Simply put his head through the shirt and insert his front legs where you would let your arms through. You can use a Halloween themed shirt of have a sweat shirt made purposely for your dog with some special writing, such as ''Happy Howloween'' or ''Ask me to do a trick for a treat''.

Use a Child's Costume

Sometimes, you can alter a small child's costume and allow it to fit your dog. The results may be hilarious and may resemble one of those expensive dog costumes out there. 

• Buy a Tutu

If you have a small pooch a tutu may make your dog look tremendously cute. Find a size that will not drag on the floor making it difficult for your dog to walk. Expect to do some sewing if the tutu is not the right size. You may have to add some elastic if it does not fit right around the waist.

As seen, there are many ways you can dress up your pampered pooch at home. With some time, a little bit of sewing and materials you may have at home, you may dress up your pampered pooch for a fraction of the cost of those expensive Halloween dog costumes. Best of all, you can proudly tell all your friends you did it all yourself!


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