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How to Make an Easter Basket

Updated on February 25, 2010

The Easter Bunny and his (or is it her?) famous Easter baskets have been a tradition for such a long time that many of us can't imagine an Easter without running out to see what the Easter Bunny brought us. Some kids will find loads of chocolate, some will find eggs, some will find fruit and some will find all of that and more. Easter isn't about how big the Easter basket is, or how much the things in it cost, but if you can afford it, there are some really fabulous ways to spruce up a kid's Easter basket. Here are some tips for those who want to make an Easter basket extra memorable -- and remember, these baskets can be for "big kids" too!

Step 1: Get a basket.

You can use a traditional Easter basket if you like, but the coolest Easter basket I ever had came with a Bunny head at the top and Bunny feet at the bottom. It was so cool I still smile about it 20 years later, so you know it left an impression! Just be sure to get a basket large enough to fit all your goodies in -- but don't get one that's so big it'll have lots of extra space.

Easter Basket Goodies!

Step 2: Easter basket grass

I always had green in mine and I always wanted purple or yellow or some other color, just for the sake of variety. Get creative! But don't overdo it cos that stuff can really make a mess and can also be a health hazard to pets and small children.

Step 3: Chocolate bunnies.

Every Easter basket needs a Chocolate bunny and there's no excuse for not having one unless your kid hates chocolate or bunnies or both. Even vegan kids can get vegan chocolate bunnies these days so be sure to find a good one! You can go for the traditional bunny, or get a modern one riding a motorcycle!

Step 4: Easter eggs.

Every Easter basket should have Easter eggs in it, whether they be real eggs or Cadbury's or whatever other sort of egg your kids like.

Step 5: Jelly beans.

Jelly beans belong in every Easter basket, too! But be mindful of what your child likes. I really only ever liked red jelly beans and wound up wasting lots of other colors every year. If your kid only eats one type of jelly bean, aim to use those. Or you could always go for gourmet jelly beans!

Step 6: Easter Cards

In this age of electronic technology cards are something of the past but you can always give a tangible Easter card to your kids in their Easter basket as a way to remember the occasion.

Step 7: Easter figurines.

There are loads of figurines and collectibles you can purchase for a moderate price at your local Hallmark shop (or somewhere similar). My mother always bought me a bunny figurine from Pendelphin every Easter and I loved them; they were the best thing about my Easter basket and they lasted for years to come.

Step 8: Easter Beanie Babies

Beanie babies didn't exist when I was Easter basket age (as far as I know, anyway) but nowadays there are loads of bunnie beanie babies that will look great in your kid's Easter basket.

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