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How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt

Updated on February 26, 2010

Easter egg hunts are one of the coolest things about Easter and they're a great way to entertain your kids on Easter. When I was a kid I used to love going to the local church and joining all the other neighborhood kids in the annual Easter egg hunt in the church's garden. But you needn't have a garden to organize an Easter egg hunt, as you'll see in a minute. You don't even need to have it outside! All you need are Easter goodies, a good imagination -- and some kids (young and old alike!) to take part in your Easter egg hunt.

Where to have your Easter egg hunt

Traditional Easter Egg hunts were held outside on the farm or in someone's backyard, but that's definitely not the only place you can hold an Easter egg hunt! If you've got neither, try one of these ideas:

  • Your home: There are loads of clever nooks and crannies in your living room, kitchen and den for hiding Easter goodies. Even if you've got a small apartment, it's perfectly possible to have your Easter egg hunt indoors.

  • Your local park: If you really want to have your Easter egg hunt outdoors but haven't got a garden available, you can organize something at your local park. Just be prepared to share your hunt if other kids pop by or if other parents have the same idea!

  • A classroom: Easter eggs can be hiding in your kids school just as easily as they can anywhere else. Talk to your child's teacher about organizing an Easter egg hunt at school.

  • A hospital or nursing home: If you're a healthcare provider, consider organizing an Easter egg hunt for your patients or clients or even just the other healthcare providers. Young and old enjoy Easter egg hunts so don't let age put you off!

Where to hide everything!

The best Easter egg hunt is the Easter egg hunt that had some thought put into it!

  • Indoors: on shelves, in cabinets, in drawers, in the fridge, in the closet, in shoes, in the sugar jar, in the medicine cabinet, on the window sill, in the bread box, on chairs, in potted plants, etc.
  • Outdoors: In the (turned off, obviously!) BBQ, in the tree, mixed in with stone landscaping, on the window sill, in potted plants, in the shed, in the flower bed, on statues, on the picnic table, etc.

Easter Goodie List!

  • Easter eggs: Unless you're vegan or summat you'll probably want to include real Easter eggs in your Easter egg hunt, preferably ones done up by your kids!

  • Plastic Easter eggs: Whether vegan or not, plastic Easter eggs are a great way to hide jelly beans, chocolates and other Easter treats such as peeps, Easter pez and other traditional candies.

  • Easter toys: Easter beanie babies, Easter stickers and other Easter figurines can be hidden as special prizes.

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