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Pole Dancing: Plan a Pole Dance Party

Updated on January 18, 2011

Party with the Pole!

Pole dancing is very popular among commercial entities and personal parties. The well-known celebrity, Oprah, has helped to bring the concept of pole dancing parties into the limelight.

Although, many still consider pole dancing a bit racy, it's been readily accepted by others for the fitness benefits, as well as a fun factor at parties.

If you decide to host a pole dancing party, you can set the rules on the invitations, such as 'no stripping allowed' or 'leave your clothes on and take your inhibitions off!'

A pole dancing party is uniquely different from most other types of parties. Unless you already know how to pole dance, you might want to bring in a pole party presenter to head up the fun and entertainment. Most likely, an instructor will charge for their services, and pole dancing parties are totally different than other types of home parties.

Pole parties are especially popular for stag parties or wedding showers that invite both sexes. Of course, a pole dancing party can be a good theme for a girls night out, or birthday celebrations. If a portable pole is available, the party can be held in your home. If not, many times invited guests will share the cost of hiring a party presenter. This makes the pole party an affordable alternative to just dinner and drinks.

You'll need to locate a pole dancing studio or instructor in order to plan a successful pole dancing party. Some questions you might want to ask before you book the party are:

  • What is the cost for the party, and what does it include?

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of people that can attend?

  • Must the party be held in the studio, or will they bring the pole to your home?

  • How much is the deposit fee, and can it be refunded if the party is canceled?

  • How much experience have they had with pole parties?

  • Do they provide insurance if someone should slip and fall?

  • How much ceiling height and room size is needed if hosting the party in your home?

Since the pole is the center of attention, there's no need to worry about decorations, unless you want to. But, theme decorations, snacks and drinks are usually considered as part of the party atmosphere. Before starting the actual pole dancing, it might be best to limit guests to one drink per person. Falling off the pole in a drunken stupor, is not sexy!

A pole dancing party can have be fun if themed as a Christmas, birthday, bridal, or married couples. Just use your imagination, and have fun!


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