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How to Plan and Organize Events

Updated on August 30, 2015
A great setting for a wine tasting
A great setting for a wine tasting | Source

Cocktail Ideas

Event Planning 101

Event planning can be really fun and exciting, but you need to get organized and plan well in advance. It is really important to ask all the right questions before planning and paying attention to detail can make your event very successful. I am an activities director, and I really enjoy my job, but I have seen other directors who do not plan as well and their events end up looking mediocre. With these planning tips you are sure to have everyone praising you for the wonderful event they attended. I recommend using these five questions below to get started. I have also added a site that has a nice checklist in this hub below that I have used personally before as well.

Top five questions to ask are:

  1. When? Depending on the date, you should decide if you want to be inside or outside and consider the weather, is there usually rain that time of year or heatwave? Example you might want to wait a month from rainy April to sunny May for an outside event, or have an inside plan because it is usually rainy that time of year. If it is a anniversary or birth date you can't change, you could also rent a tent.
  2. Time of day? Consider where the sun will be, especially if you want awesome photos you do not want the sun blaring in your guests faces, the location for photos too. It might require adding some umbrellas but you need to know if you need them. Or if you want a wedding at sunset, you will want to look at the sunset times for the year.
  3. Where? Location is still everything! You need to make sure the place fits everyone, parking, logistics, and venue?
  4. Who - Who is coming? get your guests lists put together. What kind of crowd will you be catering to? Family, are the kids invited or is it Adults only?
  5. How - How will this party be executed? What type of party are you considering having? Themed, Holiday, special occasion, night on the town?

Check out Pinterest and YouTube

You Tube is a great place to get party decorating and special event ideas. Also Pinterest has really great cocktail and drink recipes, along with tons of party decor too.

Great Table Setting Ideas

Organize and execute

One of the first things I do is draw and create a layout of the area I am going to be. I like to make hubs for each event. Bar area, social area,ETC. Be sure to look at traffic flow, does it flow smoothly or are things in the way? Logistics: Dance floor , cake and desserts separate from the food. Music, speakers, cords, mic. All of these things to be considered.

Execute: I always have a list of the people involved and what there job will be for the evening so everyone is on the same page and everyone is working efficiency.

  • SARAH~ Trash pick-up and bathroom checks Very important to have clean bathrooms fresh toilet paper and the trash out of the way. Sometimes a bathroom maid is very nice to have.
  • TOM & JENNY ~ Bartenders Servers, cocktails and beer & wine.
  • PENNY ~ appetizers out before the party and cocktails
  • JOHNY & LIZZIE Main course servers
  • AMANDA & EMILY At least one or two people to replenish the buffets and Tea and coffee servers.

Now you see, I know who to call on if the bathrooms need attention, or if someone I see needs coffee.

Red and white decor, Christmas & New Year

Birthday party themes for Children

Winter Indoor Decor


More party ideas

I love to tie candy bars to balloons for my birthday parties, also for fun you can put glow sticks in regular balloons too. The dollar store actually has some things that work for weddings and parties, just don't get too corny or flashy. I like to use Oriental Trading on occasion for some things. But for the most part, vintage decor is for me, go to your local goodwill and you might find some great vintage ideas garage sales are fun too you can get a lot of decorating items for really cheap and its real glass or possibly crystal. I like to use lots of roses and hydrangeas for decorating. Whatever you are planning, I hope this hub was a successful start to your great event!

What kind of a party are you planning or wanting to plan?

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