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How to Plan for a Party With 10+ People

Updated on November 25, 2012

Are you the hostess with the most-est? In this hub I have all kinds of fun ideas to help you with your party of ten or more, so you can be a great host, so let's get this party started! First you should invite old and new friends so you have a combination of both, It makes the party more interesting. Do not be afraid to have fun and smile. Try not to worry about "whats Right" if something goes "wrong" do not worry about it, take some deep breaths, try to redirect and focus on what needs done and improvise. Plan one fun surprise at your party or maybe a mystery game . Let's say you are not much of a cook, you can put on a taste test party with take out samples from local restaurants, and add a surprise murder mystery game to your party too. Theme party's are fun and can help you with party planning.

Some questions to ask before planning your party:

  • Will you be serving alcohol?
  • Will children be allowed? Adult party only?
  • What will the children be doing if they come over?
  • Teens?
  • Outside or inside? Consider weather & temperature predictions.
  • This one is important, who will be seated by each other at the table?

If 1. is yes, if you do not have a full bar, buy some white wine and red wine and and pick out a special drink,ask a 21-25 year old in advance to help do the special drink mixing for that night for a couple hours. This is really nice, it gives you more mingle and meet & greet time. p.s. Jello shooters are fun too.

  • Need a long table and chairs? Call up your local community organizations, Church, Moose, or Elk's lodge they usually will let you use their stuff if you are sure to bring it back in a timely manner.

Party Check List

  1. Guests and invitations
  2. Menu & friends food allergies
  3. Music
  4. China
  5. Clean House
  6. Cookware ready, wine glasses washed
  7. Decorations and or flowers on table
  8. Stock the bar
  9. Set a place for coats
  10. Parking space ~ move the cars in garage
  11. Food prep in advance, I do as much cooking as I can so I can party too!

007 Adult Party

Themed dinners are a great way to get people excited about a party, I have personally had many themed dinners and they are very successful.

For my 007 theme party I sent out sexy email invites that had 007 with date, time, location and at the end, it said it would destroy in so many seconds. Guests were invited to dress up like sexy spies.The men and women had to make up spy names for themselves for their name tags. We had cocktails and appetizers, We had vodka martini's shaken not stirred and a special sexy martini. I gave each person a mission card: One said " your mission is to find out how many people have tattoos and where" and another was " what color of underwear is everyone wearing" and at the end I put "Her Royal Majesties Secret Service wished to thank you for your service ". LOL we had a blast!

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