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How to Play Great Pranks on April 1 (April Fool's Day)

Updated on October 22, 2015

April Fool's Day

April Fool
April Fool | Source

Fun Times for All

April Fools day is celebrated by many, and has gained popularity with each passing year.

But of course, who would refuse the chance to play a prank on a family member or friend.

And having an official day to do so only makes it more fun.

A lighthearted day of tomfoolery, we all enjoy this day of foolishness, Just keep in mind not to go overboard, keep the pranks harmless and messy :)

Fun Facts about April Fool's Day

A few facts about April fools day. It is also known as all fools day, in English speaking countries.

The true origin of April fools day is very much up for debate, while there are some legends as to its origins, to the best of my knowledge no one has found any definitive proof, of which country this delightful prank day originates from.

One of the oldest holidays that bear a striking resemblance to April fools day is the Sizdah Be-dar, an Iranian holiday that falls on the first or second day of April, this holiday has traditionally been celebrated by families going outdoors, on picnics, having nice home cooked meals and by the younger generation playing pranks on each other, reportedly dating back to 536 BC it is possibly the oldest recorded prank day still being celebrated in modern times.

For the Iranians and the Surrounding countries, April first is actually a New Year, following the Persian calendar. Now Meaning New and Ruz meaning Year( Nowruz ).

April Fish ?

In Countries like Italy, France and Holland, April Fool's day is actually

celebrated with the interesting name of ( April fish )

(pesce d'aprile!, poisson d'avril! and aprilvis! in Italian, French and Dutch , respectively).

The reason for this peculiar choice of names for April fools day is that traditionally, friends and family members would try to pin a paper fish onto a persons back without their knowledge as a joke, and shout April Fish when they eventually discovered it. A classic prank still being played out to the present day, in some parts of Europe.

This traditional prank could be the forefather of our present day ( kick me ) sign that people stick on to each others backs as a prank.( we were more gentle in our pranks in olden days ).

While many countries have their own specific dates to celebrate a day of jokes, pranks and joviality. April fools day is undoubtedly the most widely recognized prank day in the world.

Here are some harmless pranks that you could play on April Fools Day.

Do try this at home :)

Drooling water joke

If you are at a party or around the watercooler, poke a couple of holes near the top of the disposable cup, when your victim drinks it will look as if they are drooling all over themselves.

( Do Not do this with styrofoam cups containing hot drinks )

Sticky socks

Sock Prank
Sock Prank | Source

Mushy sock prank

Fill up your victims sock with toothpaste, make sure to roll back the socks first and only put the toothpaste on the very end of the socks, do not put to much or they will feel the weight difference before putting it on.

Wasabi for breakfast?

Cook a nice breakfast for your victim, a wasabi omelette, go heavy on the wasabi.

Watch tears of joy spring to their eyes, as they enjoy their delicious meal.

Some Salt With your Coffee?

Coffee | Source

Salty Sugar

Replace the sugar with coarse salt, and offer your victim a nice cup of coffee or tea, would that be one spoon or two ?

Jello shoes anyone ?

Fill up the top end of your targets shoes with jello. ( only play this joke on shoes that are washable )

Eggs for breakfast prank

Hard boil all the eggs in your fridge the night before April fools day, cool and put the eggs back in the fridge. The next morning, ask your wife to cook some scrambled eggs for breakfast, and watch the fun begin.

Vinegary water to quench your thirst

Bottled Water
Bottled Water | Source

H20 or is it?

Mix some vinegar with your victims mineral water, this pranks is best done in the gym or after an exercise regime, as the victim will be to thirsty to notice the smell until its too late. Stand at least 3 feet away from victim as they drink.

Alien milk

Buy some green food coloring and add it into the milk, then watch peoples shocked expressions as they get ready for their morning cereals. ( make sure its edible food coloring )

I dented your car prank

leave a note and a fictitious number on the windshield wiper of someones car, saying you dented their car. Watch them search for the dent. Hilarious.

A door prank

On a building that only has one entrance, stick a note saying, please use other entrance.

Be Considerate when playing Pranks

As with any joke or prank, Do Not go to far, think carefully, a joke is only funny if no one gets hurt.That does not only mean physically, it also means emotionally, do not hurt peoples feelings with your pranks.

April Fools' Day Pranks

3.7 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of if you like these pranks

Copyright © 2013 by Ketage Veritas


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