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How to Throw a Twilight-Themed Party in 6 Simple Steps

Updated on September 17, 2012

Throw a Twilight-themed party to please both young and old alike. The well-known vampire series has wowed audiences since 2005 when author Stephanie Meyer's book “Twilight” first hit store shelves. Since it's release, four more books followed along with the same amount of movies. The fifth and final movie “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” is slotted to hit theaters on November 16th 2012, at the time of press. Plan your next Twilight party in style with these tips whether it's for Halloween, a birthday party or movie release.



1. Get creative when it comes to planning out which type of invitations you want to use. You don't have to spend a bunch of money to secure the proper invitations for a Twilight party. One way to add a personal touch is to type everything out in Zephyr font, which is the same type used on the Twilight book covers. Go with a black, red and white color theme that represents the shades you see on the book covers. For example, some of the vampires in Twilight have red eyes. You could use a red eye on the cover of your invitation. Other fun ideas for fans include vampire teeth, the Cullen crest and making noting that the party starts at twilight. See if you can include an RSVP with what team your friends are siding on: Team Edward or Team Jacob.



2. Many choices are available when it comes to deciding on the decorations for your Twilight-themed party. In order to break them down think about what age group is throwing the party. You can use a different set of ideas for a young adult's party verses an older crowd that's well into their 30s. For the young adult set you'll want to set up an area where your friends can watch one of the movies on TV. People can gather around and discuss plot twists from the movie. Other decor for you to think about is rose petals scattered over the table tops and Twilight-themed flowers. Decorate with red, white and black candles for the older crowd as they are less likely to knock them over. The teenagers can set the right stage with unlit candles.

Dress Code

3. Request that your friends dress in line with the characters from the Twilight movies. For example, those in favor of team Jacob can wear T-shirts, jeans and a fierce look while the vampires can choose to apply powdery makeup. Keep the sparkly powder on hand for when your vampire guests arrive. After all, what's Twilight without a few shimmering, otherworldly vamps?



4. Plan to serve light snacks and desserts at your party because, since you're having it at twilight, most of your guests have already eaten. Red velvet cakes and cupcakes work great with the Twilight party theme. Another type of food you could serve is Italian because, during the first Twilight movie, Edward's family tried to serve Bella an Italian dish. At another point in the movie, Edward and Bella had their first date at an Italian restaurant. Mini meatballs are a no fuss way to beef up your snack table.



5. The Twilight fun continues when it comes to your drinks because this is your chance to get creative. Create whatever punch you want but don't forget to add red food coloring to make it look like blood. Hawaiian punch works in a pinch because you don't need to add anything to get your color along the Twilight theme. Adults over 18 can drink alcoholic beverages such as Sangria to set the vampire party mood.


6. Add in a set of activities to keep your friends mingling with each other. Your goal is to balance it out between giving guests time to eat and in the mood to play games. Put together games including pin the tale on the werewolf, Twilight Trivia, name that Twilight movie quote and a round of discussions focusing on which character is their favorite and why. Remember, as with planning any party it's essential to add your own personal touch because that's how you will wind up creating success when it comes to entertaining your guests.


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