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How to Write Wedding Shower Thank You Cards

Updated on December 4, 2011

Brief Introduction

All of the special events leading up to your weddingcan be special and fun. Your family, friends and even co workers will throw you different types of wedding showers which means lots of gifts for you in order to start your new married life. Make sure to show your appreciation by writing a wedding shower thank you card.

Things You'll Need:

  • thank you cards
  • list of gifts and names
  • addresses
  • envelopes
  • stamps

Step 1

First designate someone at your wedding shower to write a list of the gifts and the person's name who gave you the gift. This way you can cross out that person's name once you write their thank you. More than likely the hostess of your wedding shower would have already designated someone or she will do it herself. Sometimes the hostess will already have the wedding shower thank you cards. The hostess will write the person's name and address for you on the envelope. Or the guests will include their information in the guestbook. All you have to do is write out the thank you card.

Step 2

Next sit down with your lists, cards and a nice writing pen in order to write your thank you cards. Do not do a generic wedding shower card on your computer. The thank you cards should be personable and neatly handwritten from you.

Step 3

Now time to write the wedding shower thank you card. You want to express your appreciation of their attendance at the shower and the actual gift. You do not want to say "thank you for the gift". Let the person know that you know exactly what the gift is. See example below.

Dear Bianca,

Thank you so very much for attending my wedding shower. I truly love the crystal wine glasses. Robert and I will treasure them always.



Because your future husband was not at the shower (unless he was)just sign your name. Sometimes the gifts are directly for the bride such as lingerie depending on the type of shower.

Step 4

Last, mail the thank you cards within two weeks of your wedding shower.


  • Buy blank cards instead of pre printed cards. This way you can add your own personal message.


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