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How to choose the perfect Diwali gift for festival Season of 2017

Updated on November 20, 2016
Diwali gifts
Diwali gifts | Source

Now that the Diwali festival season is almost upon us, surely, many of us are scratching our heads, wondering what to choose for all those people on our gift list. A carefully and thoughtfully chosen gift speaks warmly of the giver even as it gladdens the heart of the receiver. Here are a few tips and suggestions for choosing the perfect Diwali gift.

The markets are of course bursting with bargain sales, discounts, exchange schemes and freebie offers; but still, zeroing in on the perfect Diwali present for the ones we love, is no easy task.

There are umpteen things to consider. You surely do not want to give “just anything.” You want your present to show your affection and care. You want to be appreciated for your thoughtfulness. You want the person to use the article you are giving and not simply throw it into the back of a cupboard, or worse still, pass it on to another person.

Always remember - avoid making the exchange of gifts simply an empty ritual, a meaningless tradition which you are forced to follow.

You cannot, for instance, present a tin of delicious rasagollas and kaju barfi to your favorite uncle. He may love it, but would probably end up in a hospital bed, for he is severely diabetic and sweets are a no-no for him.

Then again, nor will a radiant jamawar shawl be appreciated by your aunt who always dresses in pastel shades!

Those persons who consider themselves, rightly or wrongly, our superiors, should be presented with articles which match their status or could inadvertently make them think they have been “insulted.” Also, rivals for your attention and affection should not be offended when they compare gifts with their peers.

The items must neither be too cheap and glitzy nor embarrassingly expensive and ornate. The gifts presented in the past must be remembered and not repeated, and also these must match the ones given to you by the receiver on earlier occasions!

And then, it is usually in the wife’s hands that the husband leaves the choice of gifts for his office staff, his colleagues and his business associates. Let me tell you, this is not an enviable chore at all, not by a long stick but there are simple ways and means that will make the exercise much less formidable, make optimum use of resources and, last but not least, drown you in an avalanche of compliments and sincere, grateful thanks.

Think Innovatively while selecting Diwali gifts

Try to be original, innovative and unique. Often, unfortunately, the woman uses little imagination and care when setting about this job, and she simply gives mass orders of sweet packs, table lamps, fancy trays, and bedspread sets, and distributes them willy-nilly among people. This is not wise.

Avoid making the exchange of gifts simply an empty ritual, a meaningless tradition which you are forced to follow. A carefully and thoughtfully chosen gift speaks warmly of the giver even as it gladdens the heart of the receiver.

Choose Diwali Gifts Accordingly

The gift, especially for the members of the family, and other important persons, should be chosen thoughtfully.

For Diwali, one can never go wrong with sweets. But then, a surfeit of sweets can be a waste in many households. Dry fruits, which can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, make a suitable alternative.

Get the best, the freshest and the choicest. The quantity may be small, but the quality should be superb. The quality of dry fruits, so abundantly found in pavement stalls at this time, can be dubious. A reputed dry fruit dealer is your best bet. Branded ones add a touch of class to your gift.

Window-shop and do market surveys in good time so that you can make a considered choice. Prepare a complete list of the recipients and tabulate them into different categories.

Each section can be allotted a certain kind of gifts. Some could be presented with sweet packets, some with cut-glass curios and others with tea/coffee sets, silver articles, bed sheet combinations or packages of fruit juices/jams/jellies.

One cannot have enough of towels, perfumes, serving bowls, tinned fruit, jams, preserves and such other imperishable and useful presents.

A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that festival gifts are usually for the home and family, unless the receiver is a lone person. Put on your thinking cap and make your Diwali gifts this time really different from the usual. Here are some hints and suggestions which can set your imagination rolling!

Make a rough list of presents under the following categories:

  • Relatives and close friends Business friends, Office staff and personnel/subordinate staff
  • Neighbours
  • Household servants and other helpers
  • Miscellaneous

It would be discreet to give most relatives the same type of gifts on Diwali - coffee or dinner sets, wall clocks or bedspreads in different varieties and models.

There are some families in this category which should be made to feel special with your present. Your sons-in-law, for instance, and their parents deserve something which will make them feel that you have taken pains over choosing the gift.

An exquisite cut glass figurine or a silver artefact is a good idea. Business friends can be given Diwali gifts chosen from the huge variety of “corporate gifts” which many shops specialize in. Office staff and personnel can be offered utility gifts — coffee sets, watches, Thermos flasks-there is an interesting variety to consider.

Neighbours will be pleased with packs of dry fruit or sweets. Special friends can be presented with flower pots, casseroles and fancy cushions.

Do spend some time on carefully choosing Diwali gifts for your maid, driver and the others who make your daily life more comfortable. Stainless utensils are usually welcomed, and so are clothes, blankets and bed sheets.

Do remember their way of life and avoid anything which is fragile or delicate and needs care in cleaning and washing. Sturdy goods are ideal.

Always keep a few dry fruit packs or sweets in stock, for any unexpected friend or you think you have forgotten someone in your list. Wrap your gift in an attractive wrapping paper and tie a ribbon on it.

Avoid presenting Diwali gifts in polythene shop bag. Carefully remove the price tag or ink out the relevant details. Some people deliberately do not take it off so that the recipient knows just how much the gift costs!

As far as possible, present the gift personally. Do not send it with your driver or maid.

Giving gifts to people we love, respect and feel indebted to is a very pleasant and rewarding duty. This Diwali, make this special so that the recipients remember you with affection and regard.


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