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How to Decorate on a Budget for Christmas

Updated on July 13, 2012

Christmas Decorating on a Budget

Dream a Peaceful Christmas – As the Christmas holiday season draws near, in the rush to do it all, often times the real meaning of Christmas can be forgotten. Christmas is not about being in a constant state of panic, fearing you’ll never get everything done. Nor are the holidays about how many gifts are under the perfectly decorated tree. But I know too that we love to decorate our homes to reflect a beautiful place of holiday spirit and joy. That can draw out feelings of anxiety if we have to think about Christmas decorating on a budget. You don’t have to go all out. You can decorate your home without spending a lot of money. You can learn how Christmas decorating on a budget is attainable if you determine what you want ahead of time. Rethink what you already own before you spend a dime. With a little craftiness and artistic flair, your home can be transformed into the Christmas Wonderland that you dream about.

Plan Ahead / Determine your Budget - Planning ahead of time is crucial when you are Christmas decorating on a budget. Decide your budget. If you have $300.00 then that is your budget. If you have $1.00 then that is your budget. For my budget, with a family of four and one income, my Christmas decorating budget is very limited. That’s why I can say that Christmas decorating on a budget is attainable because I made it that way. Impulse buying is not an option. Always have a shopping list ready before you walk into any store.

Choose a Decorating Theme to Reflect your Personality – Let your personal style come through as you choose a decorating theme. Pull out your Christmas decorations to see what you have. Do you have a lot of Santa Claus decorations or snowmen? Do you have mostly red and green decorations for a traditional theme or do you have more Victorian style items? When you decide what you like and have available then you are ready to make a decision in choosing a decorating theme. I personally like a rustic theme because a lot of my collections can stay out for months to enjoy after the holiday rush is through. I like also to decorate with scented candles, holiday plants, plenty of nature’s ferns for a natural look around the manger scene, strands of shiny beads and strings of miniature white lights. The more things sparkle, shimmer and shine the more I feel it reflects my personal style. Keep it simple though because the more you add the more cluttered it will look. Simplicity, holiday music, soft lights and Christmas scents are what makes my home feel cozy and comfortable.

Get Ready to Shop – I say get ready because you don’t want to forget that shopping list that you will take with you. Write down only the necessary items, within your limit, that you will need to complete your Christmas decorating on a budget. Remember, no impulse buying. If you don’t have the budget to shop then don’t. Ask your friends and relatives if they have certain items or colors to match your theme or use nature’s pines, ferns or whatever grows where you live. In previous years, if I didn’t have enough to shop for decorations I would scale down my grocery shopping budget and plan my weeks meals very carefully. I got pretty good at doing this and would have an extra $30.00 or so a week to now spend on a Christmas tree or whatever else I needed for Christmas decorating on a budget. O.K. so you’re ready to shop. Keep it smart.

Christmas is a Time of Celebration, Family and Giving – Christmas is a joyful time for families where they come together to celebrate, to share a feast and exchange gifts. It wouldn’t be Christmas without gifts under the tree but with a little planning ahead, Christmas gifts on a budget can be carried out as smoothly as Christmas decorating on a budget. Just follow the same principles. Shop with a list of gift ideas. Set a budget and stick firmly within it.

Christmas is a Time for Creating Memories – No holiday is so strongly etched in the mind of a child, yet gifts are not the part of Christmas a child remembers most. As my 18 year old daughter passes by where I sit writing, I casually ask her what she loved most as a child, about Christmas. Without hesitation, she said she loved making Christmas cookies, she loved giving presents to her friends in school and watching their surprised faces as they opened her gifts. She remembered and loved shopping trips to the mall with family, listening to Christmas music on the radio, and seeing Christmas lights on the drive home. She said she loved decorating the Christmas tree and going Christmas caroling with all the families from her school. She loves Christmas movies and getting new pajamas on Christmas eve. She loved her Dad reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. She loves having family over and visiting with friends and family. And she even remembered the Christmas bags we packed her school lunch in with a special treat inside. So there you have it from the mouth of a grown Babe. Not one of the expensive gifts she received was ever mentioned. I sat there quietly thinking to myself, “Oh man, I could have been a millionaire”!

So take the time to remember the true meaning of Christmas. What’s important is the people we love. The things we do throughout the season is a way to express that love. With a little effort, planning, and ingenuity, you can make your Christmas decorating on a budget successful to create some wonderful memories and sparkle to your holiday spirit. Step out of the rush and into the peace you dream about.

Christmas Decorating with Flowers


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