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Romantic Date Ideas

Updated on September 1, 2012

Romantic date is a special time shared with your Love

A romantic date it is not easy to organize due to many problems of every day life. But it really can bring a lot of positive emotions and even it looks a little bit stressful at the very beginning or while planning it, later it can turn into an amazing escape from every day routine and you will only benefit from it.

There are a lot to take into consideration, but a good planning of a romantic date will help you to manage everything without problems. First of all, it is nice to think of a special gift. Everyone knows that a gift for a loved one should symbolize the fact what you really feel for that person. It is desirable that gifts to be in the form of the heart, it can be sweets, balloons, soft toys or sofa cushions, etc. But you shouldn’t limit your loved one with only one gift, you can give her many flowers or just one but give it in a very extraordinary way.

If you plan to spend all day with your loved one then let the whole day to be a special one. Give your loved one a holiday! Begin with the breakfast in bed. If you're too lazy to cook, purchase in advance yogurt, croissants, orange juice and a little rose that you put in a glass on a tray with your breakfast.

On Valentine’s Day it is believed that the gifts should accompany your loved one throughout the day. In order to do this, you can buy tiny gift-symbols of love and put them in his/her bag pockets, in general, in all places where he / she will be able to find them. For this purpose, suitable are small plush toys, postcards, small keychain heart-shaped or small bottles of liquor, pre-pasted hearts. Or you can make a very nice gift made by only real flowers.

Romantic Day

Romantic date idea - Ice Creative Ideas

You also can prepare some time before the romantic date some amazing things made from ice. Using your imagination you can create unique piece of art! There are some examples below: an ice support for a candle and Frozen Rose. She will be really amazed by your creativity.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ice Support for CandleFrozen Rose
Ice Support for Candle
Ice Support for Candle
Frozen Rose
Frozen Rose

Romantic dinner - the best romantic date idea!

Another important romantic date idea can be organizing a romantic dinner. In the evening you can arrange a romantic dinner. You can reserve a table in a fancy restaurant or in your favorite cozy cafe.

Or you can spend the evening at home in a romantic atmosphere.

Arrange candles and roses, turn off the phone, prepare something light, put the slow music, and open a cool bottle of champagne or good wine...

You also can make a variety of cocktails with seductive and romantic name that sets you on the right mood.

Dont forget about romantic music...

Romantic date idea - enjoying the food in bed

After romantic dinner, go to the bedroom and have a romantic play around with the fruit any way you like.

You can go from innocently touching your partner's lips with pieces of fruit dipped in honey or chocolate syrup and sharing them through a passionate kiss to using them as stimulatory devices.

The best thing about using honey and whipped cream – or other delicious treats - is they give an amazing taste to oral sex. It's like eating cake and ice cream at the same time.

Speaking of which, ice cream can also be used in the bedroom play, that of course if you don't have a problem with the cold feel of it.

But then again, your partner can always take care of that and warm you up again...

Make it more fun and play a little introductory scenario to this food play. One of you should play the role of a Greek master or mistress and the other has to treat him to grapes and other 'delights'.

Or you can play a game of 'Guess the food'. While your partner is blindfolded you can bring a piece of food to their mouth and let them guess what it is.

Of course, nobody says you cannot cheat and bring a part of your body to their mouth and let them guess what it is...

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Chocholate Dipped StrawberriesChocholate Dipped StrawberriesChocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries
Chocholate Dipped Strawberries

So, all you need is Love

Preparing for a romantic date is really worth all the efforts. It can be really amazing not just for women but for men as well. Celebrating love at a romantic date will bring you only beautiful positive emotions.

Let it brings you happiness and joy. May the love follows you, not only your romantic date but any day of your life...

ENDLESS LOVE .. Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross


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