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How to look sexy for Halloween - makeup and costume ideas for women

Updated on May 12, 2012

Be a Sexy Sailor for Halloween

One of the most popular "sexy" costumes for Halloween - the Sailor.  Everyone loves a uniform! (scroll down to buy this sailor outfit...)
One of the most popular "sexy" costumes for Halloween - the Sailor. Everyone loves a uniform! (scroll down to buy this sailor outfit...)

So you want to sex it up this Halloween?

Halloween costume parties are one of those occasions when you can get away with over the top makeup, crazy colors and perhaps that skimpy outfit that you wouldn't dream of wearing any other time of year!

Halloween costume parties are the perfect time to frock up in daring garb that'll knock your friends for dead! Perhaps they may not even be able to recognize you!

That's up to you... but if you want to pull that off you'll need the right makeup tips and tricks, perhaps a wig, and of course the perfect costume. Using a disguise for Halloween is always fun. Think about wearing a mask, an out-there wig or other props to complete your transformation!

Some ideas to get the girls thinking ... (and the men purring!)

Can't decide on a sexy costume for Halloween?

Here's some characters / costume ideas to get you started:

- Naughty vampire

- Woodstock babe

- Sexy witch

- Indian warrior

- Genie

- Schoolgirl

- Sailor

- Statue of Liberty

- Sexy Irish maiden

- Racer girl

- Indiana Jones girl

- Pocahontas

- Cowgirl

- Pirate wench

- Dirty cop

- Soldier

- Queen of Hearts

- Honey bunny

- Princess

- Sexy matador

- Santa's Sweetie

- Cleopatra

- Spartan Queen

- Wonder Woman

- Playboy girl

- Cabaret girl

- Sexy convict

- Glam gangster

- French maid

- Greek goddess

- Angel or devil girl

- Japanese Doll

- Flapper

- Top Gun babe

Yandy has the biggest range I've seen of sexy Halloween costume online ... from sexy witches and wenches, to cops and chefs ... they have them all!

Along with all the characters listed above, here's a sample of their sexy costumes for Halloween ... (they even off free shipping on all orders over $70) ...

Yandy's selection of sexy costumes for Halloween...

Need a sexy makeup look to pair with your sexy outfit?

If you're into makeup, you've probably heard of Leesha (aka xsparkage)on YouTube. She's a professional makeup artist and beauty guru who shares her tips and tricks on her YouTube channel xSparkage

If you click her username above it will take you to her channel if you're interested in her general makeup tips ...

... but I will add her most recent video below which specifically focuses on how to create a sexy look for Halloween to pair with your sexy Halloween costume...whatever that may be -

xSparkage's Sexy Halloween Tutorial

Need makeup a little more specific to your costume?

MakeupGeekTV did a Sexy Pirate look for girls...would also work if you're dressing up as a wench as well.

MakeupGeekTV's Sexy Pirate look

If you're going as a vampire, danalajeunesse has a great Sexy Vampire makeup tutorial that you can use to create a look that will work with your vampiress or gothic type costume.

danalajeunesse's Sexy Vampire tutorial

Amazon has a wide and fabulous range of women's Halloween costumes at affordable prices...

Wanna be a sexy skeleton? Definitely a different take on something that's been done over and over...check out that plus other sexy costumes below...

A maid outfit is always an old favorite. You can't really go wrong with this staple costume for women at Halloween.

Princess Leia is also an excellent choice for women on Halloween.  

And there's always army/military themed costumes for females - sexy and in control!

How about a sexy mask ...? Masks are a great accessory to spice up any Halloween costume and add an element of mystery to any sexy costume this Halloween Night's a taste of the worst! -

"Sexy" Big Bird!
"Sexy" Big Bird!
"Sexy" Nemo!
"Sexy" Nemo!
"Sexy" Mrs. Potato Head
"Sexy" Mrs. Potato Head

Sexy Halloween Poll

What do you think is the sexiest costume or character to be for Halloween?

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And have you considered Princess Leia, Western saloon girl, sexy baseball girl, Wilma Flintstone, mad hatter, black cat or even Robin...!?

Here are a few more sexy costume character ideas to consider for this Halloween night...

Who / what are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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