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How to make a live wreath or swag for the up and coming Christmas Season

Updated on August 10, 2014

Live Christmas Wreath hanging on front of the house door.

Live Evergreen Handmade Christmas Wreath.with handmade bow. Which is hanging on the front door and looks nice and fresh for the up and coming Christmas Season.
Live Evergreen Handmade Christmas Wreath.with handmade bow. Which is hanging on the front door and looks nice and fresh for the up and coming Christmas Season. | Source
Evergreen Handmade Swag. made out of real pine and artifical poinsettias and ribbon. This homemade swag would look great on a door or any place that you want to hang a Christmas decoration in your home.
Evergreen Handmade Swag. made out of real pine and artifical poinsettias and ribbon. This homemade swag would look great on a door or any place that you want to hang a Christmas decoration in your home. | Source
Live picture of evergreen wreath that was handed made by Gardener Den is a great addition to any ones holidays decorations.
Live picture of evergreen wreath that was handed made by Gardener Den is a great addition to any ones holidays decorations. | Source

Whay kind of wreaths do you like to make?

What kind of wreaths do tou like to make?

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I love live Christmas Wreaths.

5 stars for I love live Christmas Wreaths

Making live Christmas wreath or swag for the coming holiday season

Hi Gardening Friends

Well here is some information if you would like to make a live wreath for the coming Christmas and Holiday Season.This is a great wreath that you can make for yourself or you can make the wreath for your friends as a great gift?

Wouldn't your family and friends be impress that you made such a lovely wreath with your own hands. Here is what you need to make this wreath.

What you need to make a live wreath or swag.

a 8 inch to 12 inch EZ ring wire circular wreath that you can buy on the Internet or at you local craft store or maybe try at once of the larger chain craft stores.

b.Pruning shears or hand clippers that both should be sharp for cutting shrub and evergreen pines and spruce for making your live wreaths or swags.So after you are done using your pruning shears or hand clippers you should clean you pruning shears or hand clippers and put them away for futher use. Make should you dry your clean shears or hand pruners very good for future use.

c. You need about a half bushel of any evergreen Shrub cuttings that you would want to make a wreath out of. Make cutting about 6 to 8 inches long. you can make all kind of wreaths out of different cutting of shrubby or pine. Examples Boxwood,Holly in which there are many different kinds and varieties of holly to choice from. Pine you can use many different types of pine to use. White Pine, Scotch Pine,Blue Spruce.Norway Spruce and all of the firs. Like Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir. There are also many different kinds of evergreens that you can use Japanese yews, junipers, and many different kinds of ornamental cypress. When you are taking cutting for making a wreath from the shrubs they should be from about 6 to 8 inches long. Also they need to be stripped of the lower leaves so that you can start to place them in the wreath ring. If you are making a swag you should wire the group of cutting that can be longer about 12 to 15 inches kong or longer

Now what you do is take your wire ring and lay out the cutting around the ring after you do that repeat the process until your wreath ring is full of evergreen cutting. Now take the wires at the sides of the rings and bend them over the cutting to hole the cutting into the wreath ring. Now you get that done you can make you bow with any size ribbon that you want. But the best size to use is ribbon that is size 2.5 " x 10 y . You can get 3 bows out of this one roll of ribbon. Each bow takes 3 yards to make one bow so this roll haves ten yards so you really only need 9 yards of ribbon out of the 10 yards of ribbon that is on the roll.

Now you should mist the live evergreen wreath if you want to keep it fresh with just plain water.Yes your live evergreen wreath should be misted once every other day. If its hot out the wreath should be misted even though its in the late fall or early winter doing the holiday season.Even if it isn't hot outside and its is cold weather the wreath should still be misted outside because the live cutting of evergreen will still dry out. Even though it is cold outside the wind and just because its winter will make the wreath dry out. So that is why you should mist your live evergreen wreath at least once or twice a week so that it looks fresh and green the entire holiday season.

So I hope you can try to make your own live wreath for your home or to give to a friend as a gift. Making wreaths helps to brighten up the day and people really enjoy them to. Hope this information helps you in making holidays decorations and its helps you to create your own craft work with real evergreens and mixed with artificial flowers and ribbon. When you are making a bow for your real or artificial wreath. You should buy a roll of ribbon that haves wire on both ends. When you make the bow out of the ribbon that you have brought make sure that you use the ribbon with wire at both ends. Because ribbon with wire at the ends is easier to make the bow for your wreath. By doing this you can make a wreath with a bow allot faster than using ribbon without wire which is harder to use than ribbon with wire. So that is why I highly recommend using ribbon with wire at both ends of the ribbon. This is a great way to save money for making your own wreaths for decorating your home at the holiday season. You can also make your own wreaths for Christmas and give them as gifts. It is great to give as a gift.

A handmade wreath that you have made with your own hands to give to your other family members and friends.Just think you have given your friends and family a handmade wreath that you had made with your own hands. You should be proud of doing this and giving the wreaths or swags as a gift for other people or your family to enjoy. Try making a live evergreen wreath or swag for your home and have your family and friends be so surprise at how beautiful the end results is.I really hope you try making this handmade wreath and if you want to change anything on it and make it your own go right ahead. Making a swag or wreath at home is fun and if you are a adult and a parent you and your kids can make a live wreath or swag together and have fun doing so. You can make a live wreath for your elderly parent or relative that lives in a resthome or who maybe lives alone. or maybe to a elderly neighbor or shutin that can't get out much. You can also hang the wreath up if you want to for the elderly friend or relative they will really enjoy what you made for them. Hand making a swag or wreath together with your kids will give you and your family lasting memories for a life time. So have fun making your wreaths or swags by hand and enjoy the fun.

Happy Holidays

Santa Den

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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    • gardener den profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis Hoyman 

      6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      The adverage price for you to make one wreath is under $10.00 dollars to make. All you have in the wreath is the cost of the wire frame and ribbon for the bow.

    • profile image

      belle bourke23 

      9 years ago

      is this cheaper than buying a wreath?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm trying to get information on how to make princess pine father used to make them, I used to go pick the princess pine but,unfortuneately, never learned how to make them

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My sisters and I made wreaths a few years ago (and ever since). I thought it would be real hard and was very surprised it was quite easy. The hardest part for me was making the bow, now I just buy a bow.

    • moonlake profile image


      12 years ago from America

      Nice wreath. We make wreaths here from Princess Pine. Enjoyed your hub.

    • bil3mar profile image


      12 years ago from SC

      Nice. Whats the average cost to make?


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