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How to save on Halloween Candy

Updated on October 3, 2016
Just some of our candy this year
Just some of our candy this year

With Halloween just around the corner and the cost of costumes, candy, safety lights, decorations and everything else just adding up, I decided to find a way to save a little bit of money. I have found a few ways that you can save money on those holidays where lots of money is spent. This post will be mostly about Halloween since it's right around the corner.

Can you even imagine how much money is spent on candy this time of year? Last year I alone spent over $150 just on the candy for those kids that came to our house. Granted I lived in Italy and so we had a ton of people come that weren't American but it was still a great time had by all and I didn't mind sharing with the Italians since they don't normally do the "trick or treating" like we do. Anyways, after spending that much last year I have decided that this year I was only going to spend $30-$50 on candy. That was it! And so far it has worked!!!

Oriental Trading and I have become great friends in the past several years. I purchase from themevery 3 months or so and always am very satisfied with the stuff I receive. I normally only purchase the crafts but this year we got some of the candy and it all came in great condition, all individually wrapped, and didn't cost me nearly as much as it would have going to the grocery store to get them! Along with candy at Oriental Trading you can always get the small toys to give out instead of candy (always a great idea this day in age).

A few more tips on saving money on those goodies for the kiddies this year on Halloween

  • Shop in bulk at the dollar store and online
  • Look at the grocery store for deals on candy (buy one get one free)
  • Search for LARGE bags of candy at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's club

Do you have any other ideas for saving money this halloween season? If so please leave a comment so others will be able to get great savings as well!


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    • CassyLu1981 profile image

      CassyLu1981 6 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      I'm glad you liked it PegCole17! Thanks for following!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Very interesting. I was glad to see Oriental Trading Company is based in Omaha Nebraska. Good info.

    • CassyLu1981 profile image

      CassyLu1981 6 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      I'm really looking forward to learning from other hubs as well as sharing my own thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!

    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 6 years ago

      Great tips just in time for Halloween! I save by not buying as much chocolate (saves me calories too, this way I won't eat it), and I make my Lollipop Ghosts every year.

      Welcome to Hubpages and good luck with your writing!

    • CassyLu1981 profile image

      CassyLu1981 6 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      I'm glad you use Oriental Trading Company as well! It's amazing the stuff they have!!!

    • cre8ivOne profile image

      cre8ivOne 6 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Yup I love that place too! I've bought graduation decorations, rubber ducks, and all sorts of different things through Oriental Trading Company : )