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What To Do When You're Bored During Summer Vacations?

Updated on June 1, 2017
Mahrukh Khalid profile image

Hi! I'm Mahrukh Khalid,a senior in high school, I love to write and make people feel good about themselves so I'll do just that :)


17 ways to spend your Summer

Summer is here!

Now I'm sure all of you have been anxiously waiting for Summer Vacations, counting each minute for the school bell to ring so you can run home and throw away your books and just party! And some of you might be wandering in the house trying to find a way to enjoy yourself. What to do?

Here are 17 ways to enjoy your Summer:

1. Be creative!

Make something, be creative! Search the web, make a lava lamp, homemade lip gloss, natural body scrub. Go and buy the supplies. Gift your creations to friends or sell them online.

2. Explore...

Explore and discover a place you have never been to. Be it a hidden stream or pond near your house. Go somewhere.


3. Play date

Summer time makes it difficult to see your friends’ everyday so why not spend a day at their house or call them over for a sleepover or something.

4. Summer Debute

Its summer time so why not adapt to a new look. Go to the salon get a haircut or get them dyed. Get a tan or something. Get a manicure and pedicure, a facial and just relax.


5. Let's start Cookin'!

Put on your apron and let’s start cooking. Its summer so there’s an arrival of fresh and summery fruits and vegetables. What better excuse to make something different? Try out a new recipe, eat and Netflix once you’re done cooking.

7. Be productive!

If you want to professionally spend your valuable summer time so why not get a part-time job or apply for an internship online.


6. Laugh out Loudly!

School has caused everyone to forget how to laugh your head off. Watch something LOL with your friends and flush away all your worries and stress about school and studies.

8. A day at the Park...

What’s better than reading a good book? Reading a good book at an awesome location of course. Enjoy reading a good book at a hill side, the wind swaying your hair, you can relax and be one with the nature. A combination of peace, tranquility and harmony.


9. Change it!

Tired of your room? Then let’s change it a little. Change your furniture setting, do a new paint on the walls, make some room decorations and give your room a makeover.

10. De-clutter

Now this may seem to sound quite bizarre but who said to do it in old style. Put some music on, get your cleaning weapons out, dance and clean at the same time. Now isn’t that like killing two birds with one stone, you enjoyed yourself and now you’ve got a neat and tidy, clean house.


11. Yard sale!

Clean out your stacked cupboards and drawers. Organize a yard sale and sell things you don’t need any more and earn cash for summer.

12. Helping hand

Join an organization trip to clean up an area or plant trees. Doing something for your city will make you feel good about yourself.


13. Catch up

We all may have friends we long to meet up with and catch up with one another. Why not meet up this summer. Go on a lunch together and talk to each other or go shopping, something other than talking to each other on the phone.

14. A run down Memory Lane

We all have quite hazy memories of our childhood but going back to your nursery will make you realize how far you have come in your life. Nostalgic memories, meeting your old teachers and listening to their voices will help you feel more mature and positive of what lies ahead in the future.


15. The old were once young...

Helping old people at the old home can be very rewarding. Playing chess with a bunch of grandpas and be pretty fun if you try it out. Seriously it will be a time well spent. And you also get to hear about stories of old times you won’t find in any history book.

16. Albums

Exploring new places and taking pictures can be a lot of fun. Plus it helps you store memories for the future.


17. Bury the fear

We all have that one ride at the amusement park from which we always divert our eyes from. Because you are too scared to even look at it. But not this time. This summer you will go to that ride and return alive victorious like a warrior.

Have Fun!

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

(Tip: Finish your summer homework at the start of the holidays so you don't have anything to worry about.)


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