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I Am Still The Willing Fool For Christ Jesus And Hoping To Progress To Be An Idiot Savant...

Updated on March 5, 2015

I Am Still The Willing Fool For Christ Jesus And Hoping To Progress To Be An Idiot Savant...

Once again, nothing I write in this forum or elsewhere is of any import unless I am writing about Christ Jesus, especially on this utmost joyous occasion of Easter Sunday… the Day we Traditional Christians know Christ was raised from the dead. We have been told recently that belief in Christ Jesus is waning, as if said belief should be predicated upon consensus… in that same Devil’s advocate vein, from the dorm rooms in college to the New York skyscrapers that make up my work place, I have been questioned about my belief in Christ Jesus… with many of my colleagues benignly admonishing me why would someone with an education give credence to what to them is tantamount to superstition. Truthfully, most of my college roommates and my work colleagues do not challenge my belief in Christ Jesus out of malignant spite - but many are genuinely curious as to how I do believe in the Lord Jesus in light of the seemingly logical secular gospel of Darwinism/Evolution.

Those who do not believe in Christ Jesus will always throw me Darwin’s empirical evidence to substantiate their reason why my belief in Christ Jesus is to them curious… to say the least - but though the fulcrum of belief in Christ Jesus is Faith… I, among many, have what to us is empirical evidence to support our belief in the Christ. Many critics of my belief in Christ Jesus would say to me that it is because I was raised by a grandmother who was a Traditional Christian and that if she were of another religion that I would be an advocate for that religion too - this of course is the John-Stuart-Mill's position… but notwithstanding what the great philosopher, John-Stuart-Mill had to say, I tell you a mystery that even my grandma told me about true stories that apparently cemented her belief/faith in the Lord Jesus.

When I was growing up on the island of Saint Kitts, in the village of Saint Pauls, there was a tendency that when someone was dying, the elders would come around his or her bed admonishing the dying to make ‘peace’ with the Lord. And so I was told about an Ann Hetty, an elderly cousin of mine, that when she was dying… she pointed to a flower garden that only she could see… smiling and saying that Jesus was beckoning her to come and when Ann Hetty apparently crossed over to the garden, she gave up the ghost.

Another story my grandma conveyed to me was about a Mr. Boe who lay dying and in the early morning he told the Christian elders that he had seen a man - who of course was not seen by those who were surrounding Mr. Boe’s bed - who told Mr. Boe that he would come back for him at exactly six o’clock that afternoon. My grandma told me as the hours ticked down just before six o’clock… Mr. Boe started saying how close the man was and that the man/angel was walking up the road to his home. When the angel stepped into the house… with Mr. Boe pointing at the entrance of his door… Mr. Boe then breathed his last and went to be with the Lord.

Well, you say that those are stories from your grandma - what of you? I will share one that is worthy of making me a candidate for the psyche ward, yet I am going to convey it to you because it prove to me that the Lord Jesus is real. Some six or so years ago, on a crowded Saturday afternoon, between Flatbush Avenue and Church Avenue, besides the JPMorgan Chase bank, I heard a Voice in my head, saying that someone will come to me momentarily and that he will ask me for money. The Voice went on to say to me, Verily Prime, you normally give those who asked you for money a dollar - but that this time you should give him enough to purchase a meal. No sooner had the conversation in my head ended, a light skinned Black/Chinese gentleman, formal, neatly dressed, minus a tie, and on crotches, asked me to assist him in getting a meal. I gave the man the money to purchase a meal… but that was not the only strange happening that day because shortly after giving the gentleman the money, I saw a colleague of mine whom I went to law school with… passed me by and smiling; that person who went by me and smiling had been dead for years, and, incidentally, anyone who resides in Saint Thomas, one of the United States' Virgin Islands, will know this man as the late ‘Daddy Friday,’ the famous Calypsonian.

The irony about hearing that Voice in my head was the fact that the Lord only gave me the gift of speaking in tongues on May 11th of 2012, years after hearing His voice urging me to assist that man on the crotches… but I must also confess that even now I do not understand what it meant then and now in my seeing my dead law school bud on that same day… however, it underscored that there is a Spirit world - note too that this was the only time that I ever saw what was presumably a ghost.

I have many true stories that secured my belief in the Lord Jesus and I dare anyone who reads this blog to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to manifest Himself, so as for he or she to believe and secure Salvation… and the Lord is faithful to do so. I say this knowing that the only way to God's Heaven is through His only Son, Jesus Christ. To my fellow Traditional Christians, I bid all of you a Happy Easter and hoping that you will pray for me that my going down in slumber will be in Hallelujah and that my rising up too will be in Hallelujah in this life or the next.


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    • profile image 11 months ago from upstate, NY

      Amen, Jesus said You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to little children.

      My father in law, days before he passed, asked us "when is it going to be Friday, I want Friday". Sure enough when Friday came he went to be with Jesus, that very day.

      And about hearing the Lord, the scripture says "my sheep hear my voice", therefore it shouldn't be a surprise, we should clearly hear God's voice on a regular basis.

    • AF Mind profile image

      AF Mind 15 months ago

      You need to check this out. There are too many false unbiblical traditions in the church, this being e of the biggest.

    • Wayne Richards profile image

      Wayne Richards 3 years ago

      As a matter of fact there is no empirical evidence to Darwin's evolution. It is a matter of faith greater than that of believer to believe that nothing created something. Then that nothing gave instructions to cell created by chemicals that stewed in the primordial goo that nothing created. There is nothing in this universe that was created by nothing. As a matter of fact we know that instructions had to have been given, programmed, written in order for change to take place. So it requires greater faith to believe evolution than to believe in Christ Jesus who according to John 1 created all things. We see the evidence of this creation. Only the biblical account matches what we have discover through science

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 3 years ago from New York

      Thanks - we must also remember what the Apostle Paul wrote that the Gospel is foolishness to the world....

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep (reputation as an educated man in this life) to gain that which he cannot lose (following Christ into eternal life)." Thanks for being the brave witness you are.