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Christmas Gifts: 4 Reasons Handmade Christmas Cards Are Better!

Updated on August 2, 2015
peachpurple profile image

Peachpurple loves to spend some time to handmade greeting cards and gifts at home. She always reduce trash by reusing them.

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My homemade Christmas Card

I made this homemade Christmas card last year.
I made this homemade Christmas card last year. | Source

It's Christmas Time!

It is Christmas time again.

Recently, I went to window shopping at a nearby shopping center and happened to pop into a bookstore by chance. As you know since it is Christmas season, most shopping outlets display a vast of Christmas cards and a wide range of Christmas gifts on their display shelves.

I was awed to see such beautiful printed Christmas cards display for sale in pocket shelves. Some of the Christmas cards include handmade ornaments, glittering sequins, whereby majority are printed cards with colorful cartoon Santa Claus, reindeers, snowman and even famous cartoon characters.

I have to admit that I really fell for those handmade ornaments, beautifully decorated on the Christmas cards. At that moment, I wondered whether I could made my own Christmas cards since each card cost approximately $3 to $6, depending on the quality and which company printed them.

Come to think of it, I have 20 families to send this festive card. Hence, I knew I am going to burn a big hole in my wallet with this "festive" expenditure.

  • I love this cute rubber stamp Christmas tree.
  • It is made from laser engraved blue-grey rubber with cushion & mounted on a white maple block
  • I find it pretty when stamping on my DIY Christmas cards and even the menu that I made for Thanksgiving.
  • Money is not what I was thinking, its the cute tree that I was attracted to.

Reuse and recycle old materials

Always keep old gift wrappers and reuse them for handmade cards
Always keep old gift wrappers and reuse them for handmade cards | Source

I Decided To DIY My Own Christmas Cards

When I got home, I have decided the best thing to do was to handmade my own Christmas cards to save cost.

Half of the time, I was searching high and low for unused or left-over stationary, color papers or gift wrapping papers.

The best place to look for these stuff would be your kids drawer, attic, store room and cupboards.

It's lucky for me that I need not have to spend much money except for the postage, as you know, it is BEYOND MY ABILITY to print stamps!

I needed some glitter glue pens

I have a box of colorful marker pens but they aren't showing much stand out on my handmade cards.

So, I decided to buy this love glitter glue pens.

Actually it is made out of glue with loaded of glitters and colorful.

You can use it to draw borders or drawings onto your cards but do allow it some time to dry off your work.

Otherwise, use the table fan to blow dry the glue.

Kids love this glitter glue very much especially the bright colors that attracts their attention.

4 Great Reasons Why Homemade Christmas Cards Are Better Than Store Bought Cards

  • Save Money
  • Takes Time and Effort
  • Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
  • A Priceless Gift

1. Save Money-

My own photo. The coins that I had saved
My own photo. The coins that I had saved | Source

Save money on cards

  • If you are planning to send some Christmas Cards to your family members, special and close friends, you should consider making home made Christmas cards to save money.
  • Consider this case as a small amount of people that you planned to send the cards. If it is more than 20 people to send, consider the rest with store bought cards, for those that you are not so closed to.
  • Homemade Christmas cards do not require any special tools or fancy papers.
  • Just use whatever left-over homemade art projects that you had left-over. If you are a beginner, fear not.
  • Use blank A4 Paper, ribbons, buttons, gift wrappers, snip off some Christmas tree leaves and some creative drawings with coloring, your homemade Christmas card will be ready.
  • You get to save money on the papers and decorations.

2. Takes Time and Effort-

my own clock. Digital.
my own clock. Digital. | Source

Touch by the card

  • Yes, making homemade Christmas Card does take some time and effort because you will be thinking of that special person, how much he/she meant to you.
  • Each Christmas card is different. Each card has different feelings, touch and pictures that create the beautiful card.
  • Hence, the recipient will feel happy and blessed to receive this special Christmas card because he/she knows that you purposely took time and effort to put your heart and soul into this card.
  • Each handmade card is unique, one and only card for a special person.

3. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

my own 3D Recycle craft
my own 3D Recycle craft | Source

The 3Rs

  • The best reason to reduce your trash, recycle unwanted items and reuse old items into good use.
  • Don't discard any occasion gift wrappers. You receive presents from friends or family members for birthday, Valentine's Day, last year Christmas, what do you do with the gift wrappers?
  • Keep them because you can cut out those nice gift wrapper pictures to decorate your Christmas cards.
  • Recycle those old clothes buttons, laces and ribbons into beautiful ornaments or cards decoration for a unique touch.
  • Reuse those left-over construction papers, gift wrappers and punch holder excess papers for creative Christmas card

4. A Priceless Gift

a priceless gift that my daughter made for me last Christmas
a priceless gift that my daughter made for me last Christmas | Source

One and only card

  • Why is homemade Christmas card a priceless gift?
  • Because it is the one and only type of card that you designed, nobody could copy the same design.
  • Yes, you are the designer, the creator of this unique Christmas card and it is meant for this special person.
  • The recipient will treasure your homemade card by keeping it, display it on the wall, hang it on the Christmas Tree as a decoration and definitely would not dump it into the bin !
  • This is a priceless gift, cannot be bought anywhere. The one and only gift.
  • It is extra special if it is handmade by children, their creativity is beyond your imagination!

Do you reuse materials for your Handmade Cards?

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This christmas card, i made it 2 years ago
This christmas card, i made it 2 years ago | Source

Back to where I had left...

Pretty soon, I managed to gather all the stationary and the things that I needed on my table. Immediately, I set to draft out the Christmas card which I saw in the shops. In way less of time, I started to work on the cards without much problem.

Trust me, handmade Christmas cards are easily done despite being a novice person like me.

All you really need are just the basic material such as colorful papers ( get as many as you can ), gift wrappers, white cards which is almost the same as any name cards ( also called matte paper ) and some colorful ribbons.

Of course, not forgetting the necessary items to co-ordinate with are the scissors for cutting, glue for pasting, pencils for drawing, markers for writing and rulers for taking measurements. It is not compulsory to buy fancy punch holders or glittering sequins or colour papers which are a waste of money.

Hence, just grab whatever materials you have in your house and start your little hobby anytime !

How much are willing to pay for a Christmas card?

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Here Is A video With Some Great Christmas Card Ideas

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home


      yes, i recycle old cards by cutting out the pictures, very useful rather than discarding them.

    • profile image

      mariewj 4 years ago

      I love to make my own Christmas cards too and you are right that you do not need expensive materials either - you can save wrapping paper to use as backgrounds. We like to recycle cards and tags to make new ones too.