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Ideas For Baby's Very First Christmas

Updated on October 8, 2012

Merry Christmas Baby!

If you are the proud parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle of a new baby, you may be looking for an idea for the baby's very first Christmas. It's great to pick up Christmas gifts for babies that will last a long time and serve as a keepsake of their first celebration.

Newborns don't have a great need for toys yet so this is the perfect time to give them a gift that will mark their first Christmas year and will serve as something they can look back on year after year.

Here are some great gift ideas for baby that are not too expensive but will be appreciated by parents and, someday, the new addition.

Christmas Book

A timeless classic book about Christmas is a great gift for a baby. Make sure it is a book with plenty of fun and colorful pictures. What makes this a great gift is that you can write a mesage to the baby in the insider front cover to commemorate the occassion. Don't forget to add the year in the book, like "Merry Christmas 2011!" You don't have to worry about buying a book with paper pages. As a keepsake, you want this book to last for years, so you can leave the board books for another time. Even a baby will enjoy being red to and the growing child will enjoy it year after year until, one day, they can read it themselves.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is another great present for a newborn that will be cherished for years. If you have the means, seeding the frame with a picture of the baby is a nice touch. It's OK if you make the frame Christmas themed. That is the type of thing new parents rarely buy for themselves, so it is a neat gift that they can bring out for the Christmas season each year.


An ornament is another classic gift idea for a baby. It's never too early to start building up a child's tree ornament collection and there is no better way than to start with a first Christmas ornament. If you can, look for an ornament with the year indicated on it. That is a nice touch. Regardless, you can go with a fun ornament or a classy one and it's all good either way.


Marking baby's first Christmas can be taken quite literally if you go with a craft that captures something like a hand print or foot print of the baby. These neat little craft kits are fun to complete and the end result is a little piece of art that you can enjoy as your baby grows up. This is a fun gift if there are older kids in the house since they are often painted as a finishing touch, a part of the project that big brother or sister can help with.

Get a Gift That Lasts

Whatever you get for a new baby for Christmas, make sure it will last. Go ahead and get something fun if you like, but to make your present a true keepsake, it needs to last for a long time.

You will do just fine if you go with one of these ideas for baby's very first Christmas.

What are your favorite baby Christmas gifts?

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