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Ideas for Celebrating New Year's 2013 at Home

Updated on December 14, 2012
New Year's Party Ideas Alvimann,
New Year's Party Ideas Alvimann,

For all those who want to celebrate this New Year's Eve in their home, sweet home, cherishing time with family and friends, the good news is that there are plenty of creative options to  turn this special night  quite memorable. There is no need to get out and go freezing in an over crowded plaza just to watch a ball fall and then drive in the dead of the night among not so sober drivers. Instead, with the following ideas, you may be able to turn your indoors New Year Celebration worthy of the most entertaining outdoor parties.

-Dress up Your Home

Choose a special room to heavily decorate so to make it appear quite fancy. Shop for streamers, stars, confetti, hats, ceiling decorations and much more. You do not have to spend a fortune to do this. Just stop by your neighborhood dollar store and get your basket full of decorations. Don't forget the balloons! You may all want to pop them when midnight strikes!

-Organize a Culinary Event

With so much going on for New year's, you do not want to end up stuck behind a stove cooking for guests. Instead, tell all your friends to bring their best home cooked dish ranging from appetizer to dessert. It will be real fun to get to taste different recipes. You may even organize a cooking contest where all guests will place their meals in a special room, and then all the dishes will be tried and voted for by an elected ''food connoissure''.

-Watch the Events Live

You can rent a high definition big screen television set along with an entertainment center and watch the Times Square Event live. Pop lots of pop-corn and pour some sparkling wine. Have fun with your friends discussing all your New Year's resolution promises. Watch the people on T.V live in Times Squares freezing as you and your friends enjoy the evening in front of a cozy  fireplace roasting marshmallows!

-Sing the Night Away

Purchase a Karaoke set and invite all your best friends over. Nothing can be more fun than listening to your friends sing along the most trendy songs of the time. Choose a large room and turn your home in a disco so your friends will have a chance to dance along  the music. This will surely be an entertaining night with all the good singers (and not so good singers) singing the night away.

-Have a Fire work Display

If you have a large yard or better, if you live in the country, you may purchase some of the best fireworks and run a great show before midnight. If your area allows it, you may even organize a bon fire, where all your guests can write down on a paper stuff they want to get rid of for the New Year and let them burn in the fire as they speak out their resolutions. Just be careful and practice extreme caution when handling fireworks.

-Hire a Chef

Who said that to celebrate well you should go to the best restaurant? Why not have the chef come to your home? You do not have to be millionaire and own a limousine to do this. There are many affordable chefs out there just waiting for the opportunity. Use your best tablecloths, silverware and cooking ware and light up candles. Turn the night magical by offering champagne at midnight and lighting up some sparkles on a cake.

-Board Game Galore

For those that love board games, the evening may be spent playing classical or newer board games. Cards are another option. For those that are looking for something more animated, video games may be played on a nice large screen tv set with Dolby surround.  Add some beer, snacks, and challenge other players to some great games as the clock ticks by.

As seen, there are many ways you can celebrate a decent and safe New Year's in company of loved ones. The best advantages? You will stay warm and have great fun in company of family and friends. 

How About Some Midnight Blue Popcorn?

New year's Party Decor and Ideas


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    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 8 years ago

      Great Hub, great ideas! I think a New Year's Eve party is in order! Thanks!