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Fabulously Inexpensive Christmas Party Decoration

Updated on December 1, 2012

Having a party for your friends during the holiday season is a great idea. It is the perfect time to relax and visit with each other. Having a party however also means spending money. By the time you buy snacks, drinks, and invitations, you probably have very little left in your budget for decor. Inexpensive Christmas party decoration can be your answer however. With inexpensive Christmas party decoration you can have your party location looking like a million dollars, when you've spent much less. Use these easy decor ideas to help get you on your way.

Table Decor

Your table decor does not need to be elaborate for a holiday party. You can use things you already own for your table decor. Use a few pieces of your holiday village to decorate your table. You can also use boxes you have wrapped as gifts on tables for a holiday look. Both of these ideas are very inexpensive and your guests will love them.

Faux Snow

When you are having a holiday party, you definitely need some snow. If there is no snow on the ground, you can always make your own. You can purchase faux snow, which is a lot like cotton balls spread out with sparkles on them. Spread the snow on tables, picture frames, and door frames for a wonderful effect. You can also buy canned faux snow and write messages on your windows. For a natural look, spray only the edges of the windows.


Lighting is very important at any event and you can create lovely holiday lighting using a few inexpensive tricks. If you want a soft light, consider using candles as accent lighting. You can place them in safe places to allow a soft glow to emit over your party. Scented candles are also great at keeping your home guest friendly. If you want a more dramatic lighting effect, consider using strings of white lights for your party. You can string them along your ceilings for a lovely holiday look. If you want a party effect, use colored lights instead of white lights.


Yes, we have all made paper snowflakes in school at some point or another. They were fun to make then, and are still fun to make now. For extra inexpensive decor for your Christmas party, consider making your own paper snowflakes. Gather white paper and fold it about five times. Then start cutting little shapes out of your folded paper. Unfold it to see your lovely creation. You can hang these snowflakes from the ceiling using clear fishing line, or you can tape them to the walls or windows. They are very cheap to make and everyone will love the homemade look they offer.

Using inexpensive Christmas party decoration is a great idea if you are decorating for a holiday party. There is no harm in trying to save as much money as you can, especially when you are the host. These decorations are not only cheap; they are also very effective and look wonderful.


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