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Innovative Invitation Ideas

Updated on August 5, 2014

A wedding invitation is the first thing your guests see. It should literally set the tone, style and theme for your upcoming nuptials. Therefore, it's no mystery as to why you would want your personal wedding invitation to be absolutely perfect! Here are a few fresh ideas for 2014 that can help you choose ideal wedding invites for your special day:

Luggage Tag Wedding Invitation Sample
Luggage Tag Wedding Invitation Sample

1. Luggage Tag and Plane Ticket Invitations:

This playful and original invitation idea that has caught the eyes of brides for 2014. It is also my personal favorite style for this season. From wild colors to simple bold black and whites, customizing is endless fun. Present your wedding "travel" information on a mock plane ticket & matching luggage tag. From Alaska to Arizona, all aboard this trend!

2. Cabana Letterpress:

This wedding invitation design is bold yet simple, with a refreshing elegance. A popular pick for this season! It's easy choosing a color/theme, and once mixed with the cabana letterpress, you get a very unique, timeless and affordable invitation.

3. Gallery Raised Letterpress:

This trend-setting design has been chosen by brides from all over this year! The double-die technique produces a captivating raised "&" with a simple caption on the corner of the invite. Very chic yet classic.

Before choosing any invitation, it is important to first decide on your weddings style. It is vital that a theme is established before you send out any invites. Deciding on a theme allows everything to have a smooth flow and cohesive energy from Day 1 of planning, all the way until the end of the honeymoon. Good luck with all your invitation and envelope decisions! (Remember, the real hard part is properly addressing each one!)


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