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Leprechaun Shenanigans: My Grandmother's Day Tribute | Is Grandmother a Leprechaun?

Updated on March 24, 2012

Tribute to Leprechaun Grandmother's on Mother's Day

As a child, my grandmother was my hero. Most people called her Mary, her mother referred to her as Flax-head, the grand-kids all called her Nan . She was always there to wipe the tear, make us laugh when we wanted to cry, give needed words of encouragement, support our wildest of ideas, and cheer us through life’s challenges no matter what the situation. We could always count on her positive approach to life and help in navigating our way through those tough places. She was a great listener no matter how long the story lasted, she'd patiently wait until you were finished. My grandmother was so much fun to be around all the time. She would tell some whopper stories that were so far-fetched, it was hard to believe them to be true. Though, she would swear that she would never tell a lie about such things. Nan stood less than five feet tall. Though her natural hair color had a reddish tint, she dyed her hair bright red. She told us all that her parents were of German descent even though her grandmother was very English indeed having the daily afternoon tea with scones. There was also the matter of her pointy little ears she teased about all the time, I am not sure I really know where our ancestors actually come from or maybe I do know the rest of the story.

Shenanigans Is a Term I Heard A Lot

I have some fabulous memories of Nan, my sister and I all squeezed together on the front porch glider during those long summer nights as a child.  We’d glide for hours as Nan would recount stories of her childhood and the shenanigans she encountered as a child.  I think that word shenanigans ‘somes it up’ when it comes to my grandmother.  Shenanigans is a term I've heard used in the family all my life.  I just took a moment to look up the definition of the word.  The dictionary states the word to mean mischief and prankiness and that truly defines my grandmother for sure.  Hmmm… isn't that an Irish phrase?  I immediately recall a time, yes, I clearly remember now.

Shenanigans At The Mall

One day long, long ago when I was a young teen, my mother, sister, grandmother and myself went shopping at the local mall.  Nan loved to sit and watch the people in the mall as we waited for my mother to meet her shopping quota.  We’d usually end up getting in trouble with mother for what she would call shenanigans.    I think Nan was the inventor of shenanigans.  That particular day Nan waited by a fountain while we were shopping for school clothes in a store nearby.  As I came out of the store I saw a boy talking to Nan and suddenly turn and run.  Curious as to what that was all about, I quickly ran over to Nan.  She was smirking as we watched the young lad run to another young lad and they both ran off laughing down the mall.  The reasons for this behavior, I was dying to find out.

What Did He Ask That Sent Him Running?

It appears as Nan was patiently waiting by the fountain in the mall a young man approached her. He first asked for the time. Nan explained that she looked at her watch and shared the time with him. The young lad peered back at his friend who was hiding around the corner as he nodded and waved his hand, pushing him to ask another question. He turned back to my grandmother, who was intently standing there less than five foot tall looking this young lad right in the eyes mind you as he asked, “Lady are you a midget?” The young lad waited for a response. Well, without a blink Nan just smirked that mischievous smile and with her finest Irish accent she proclaimed, “No me fine young lad, why I’m a lit’le leprechaun indeed!!!” “Would you like me to put a lit’le spell on ye?” That was all it took, I was rolling on the floor, tears streaming down my face when my mother came out of the store and caught us both again ….up to she’Nan’igans.


What Do You Think?

When I look back on that moment today, I have to really wonder if my prankster grandmother was actually telling the truth that day in the mall. 

Was my grandmother actually a little leprechaun?               


What is the Luck of The Irish?

WiseGeek states that there is little agreement regarding this idiom. Some suggest that it simply implies that irish people are inherently lucky, like it is in the genetic code. Others say that many Irish immigrants were especially lucky finding large amounts of gold and silver during the Gold rush in California, therefore finding that Irish pot o gold found only at the end of the rainbow.

Supposedly, a leprechaun is a hoarder of gold and by trade a cobbler who partakes in mischievous deeds. These busy pranksters had magical powers to grant three wishes in exchange for their release if caught by a human. In Celtic mythology the Tuatha De' Danaan were a race of people that were thought to be royalty derived from pre-Christian deities of Ireland, a mystical race that had a former divine status and eventually displaced as the rulers of Ireland when the Danes invaded Ireland.


Dublin is Where The Dane's Invaded Ireland

A markerDublin, Ireland -
Dublin, Co. Fingal, Ireland
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    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      My grandmother died many years ago and so their are no digital pics, sorry. I will have to work on that. Thanks for the visit.

    • marshacanada profile image

      marshacanada 6 years ago from Vancouver BC

      Nice story about your granny Golfgal.. Have you got a photo of her to put on your hub. My granny was also very very short, about four feet.

    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thanks tlpoague, so glad you enjoyed the hub. Come visit again soon. Peace.

    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from USA

      Great story! It sounds like some of my relatives. I loved it!