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Is Santa Clause / Father Christmas Real ? Definitive Proof That Santa Claus Does Exist.

Updated on July 29, 2017

Is Santa Clause or Father Christmas real ?

An age old question passed down through generations of families. Is it deception throughout December that entices young children to write to a fictional character on the hope of receiving gifts of their choice? Or do the children have it right ? Does Santa Clause really exist ? Is he real?

Santa Clause - Fact or fiction. This definitive article will prove to every reader that Father Christmas is real.

The Father Christmas generations have grown up with as a symbolic figure of a story from a bygone age. As with many stories first told hundreds of years ago, it has changed, been revamped, spiced up and turned into a commercial meltdown for many parents.

The jolly 'fatter than life' Santa that we envisage, with a bright red cloak and whiskery white whiskers was actually a commercial designed by Coca-Cola many years ago. It was an advertising ploy that has been taken on by the masses for decades and to this day brings joy to millions of children.


It is our childrens conception that this is the real appearance of Santa Clause, and it does no harm, but brings delight to millions. It is now the figurehead of Christmas throughout the world.

Santas' description is like a fable. It is an image created to conform to what would be expected of a happy giant man bringing gifts to children of all walks of life.

It is accepted in most countries and the image will still be the same in another hundred years time.

What is Santa ?

Not who is Santa? but what is Santa ?

What is the real Santa?

We all know Santa as the jolly fat chap whom brings joy to millions of children once a year. But Santa Clause or Father Christmas is NOT A PERSON.

It's an idea, a notion. Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and Santa are all names given to an incredible notion that sweeps the world once a year.

Santa Clause is a notion embedded in all of us. Santa Claus is the act of giving. We are all Santa Clause in effect. Once a year we all give gifts, mainly to family and friends, but also to others less fortunate than ourselves more than any other time of the year.

Whether we give a blanket to a homeless person, donate some food to a shelter, or give the neighbors children a small gift.

Father Christmas is the act of giving a gift to another human being.

The Santa hat belongs to all of us
The Santa hat belongs to all of us

The Real Santa Clause

Father Christmas is an infectious notion that spreads goodwill to all at one point in time every year.

It is not a person as such, but an idea to inspire generation after generation into being on the good list.

I AM SANTA CLAUSE, I see it in my daughters face every year on 25th December when she eagerly opens her gifts.

I AM FATHER CHRISTMAS, I know it when an orphaned child receives an anonymous gift to lighten their lives.

I AM KRIS KRINGLE, when I watch as a starving man eats his first meal in days.

Christmas Magic

Santa Clause is the magical collective of the human races' kindness being allowed to express itself.

The magic of Christmas is only magical because we as individuals make it so. Santa Clause is in the heart, so he is always real and will always live on.

So, is Santa Clause real ? In my eyes, yes he is.

In my wife's eyes, does Father Christmas exist ? yes she is because she is also Father or even Mother Christmas, as she also gives gifts to kids.

Do you believe in Santa?

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