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Updated on December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas: It's the name of my Holiday!

" Here I am! "
" Here I am! "

Once upon a time in wonderful place,

Christmas was celebrated for all to embrace.

Carolers sang songs of Jesus’s birth,

Now it is questioned as to it’s worth.

The windows at schools once shown cut-outs of angels and tree’s,

Now they are barren from any of these.

Churches and merchants proudly displayed nativity scenes with pride,

Their beliefs they’ve been told, they must now hide.

Christmas Ceremonies were custom back then,

Now we are told to alter or cancel them.

The season back then was for all, a joyful one,

Now we are told it’s only for some.

What has happened to this once beautiful place?

The signs of the season they are trying to erase.

Why must we change the name of a tree?

Do they think this will alter the reality?

Who are they really trying to defend?,

when taking away my christmas it is “I you offend!!!”

You can call it what ever makes you feel fine,

but for me it will alway’s be “ Christmas time! “

You can wish me a Happy holiday,

But for me MERRY CHRISTMAS Is all I will say!


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