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Fiestas in Javea (Xabia) Costa Blanca, Spain

Updated on March 24, 2015


  • Introduction
  • Fiesta Calendar 2014
  • Information on Celebrations
  • Carnival Photos
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  • Link - Javea Resort Information
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Celebrations, Carnivals & Parades 2015

Throughout the year there are fiestas ongoing in Javea from Three Kings Day to Bull running. So hopefully no matter what time of year you may be holidaying on the Costa Blanca there would be a local fiesta taking palce.

I have listed below details of some of the main celebrations with the dates held and a brief description of the fiesta.

2015 - Javea Fiesta Calender

5th Jan
The Three Kings Fiesta a parade starting at the Port
9th - 31st Jan
Fiesta in honour of San Antoni
20th-25th Jan
Fiesta in honour of San Sebastian (Patron Sain of Javea)
20th Jan
Mass & Sweets in honour of Javeas Patron Saint (San Sebastian)
23rd - 25th Jan
Bull Running in Church Place
14th Feb
Carnival (Fancy Dress & Costumes Parade in Javea)
8th March
Procession in honour of Jesus of Nazareth
3rd - 5th April
Easter Artisan Craft Fair in the Old Town of Javea
23rd April-3rd May
Fiestas in honour of Jesus Nazareno
Javea Folk Festival
13th-24th June
Fogueres de Saint Joan is the Fiesta of the Bonfires with Fireworks, bullrunning and Parades
25th - 27th June
International Festival with Food, Music, culture & Ebtertainment from around the world
16th July
Feast of the Virgen del Carmen (Sailors & Fisherman procession and flower offering)
11th-19th July
Moors & Christians Festival with Colourful parades & fireworks
Last weekend of July
Living Chess in Javea Port area
2nd Aug
Festivities in honour of the Virgen de los Angeles
8th-9th Aug
Portitxol Fiesta in Javea
28th Aug - 8th Sept
Mare de Deu de Loretto ( Traditional & Spectacular Bous a la Mar and firework display, bull running, floats & procession)
13th Sept
Fiesta in honour of the Virgen del populo (Mass , sweets & chocolate in the chapel)
13th Dec
Festivities in honour of Santa Lucia (Mass with distribution of Churros with Chocolates)
Bull running through the Old Town
Bull running through the Old Town
Moors & Christians
Moors & Christians | Source
Parade | Source

The Celebrations...

In January the Spanish celebrate Three Kings Day and display a crib scene outside the church in the Old Town depicting the nativity, however prior to this late in the afternoon the three kings arrive in the Port by boat. They are accompanied by a band and dancing and the procession makes it 's way into the Old Town of Javea where the carnival floats that are in front of the three kings throw out sweets to the crowds and invite the children up on to a stage where they are given presents.

Later in the year in April is the Holy Week which is named Semana Santa, this a celebration throughout the Easter period with a parade held on Good Friday where floats travel through the streets depicting religious characters such as the Virgin Mary. Then on Easter Sunday in the streets around the church there are stalls selling local foods and crafts, this is called a Feria de Artesanas. At the end of April there is bull running through the streets in the old town. This comprises of Spaniards who have opted to dodge the bulls being positioned throughout the town and await the stampede of bulls then attempt to dodge and avoid them as they run through the streets.

There are two celebrations in May, Corpus Christi day and Dia de la Cruz (Day of the Cross). During Corpus Christi day there is a procession around the streets of local boys and girls who are making their first communion. This is held on a given Sunday in May and is a popular event attended by all the families of the children taking part. During the second celebration in May, the Dia de la Cruz, all the doorways and windows are decorated with crosses made from flowers.

The International festival is held in June for three days. This comprises of various countries erecting stalls and selling their national food and drinks. Entertainment is by way of live groups performing on stage and local schools presenting dance displays and singing. Also held in June is the main fiesta held in Javea called Las hogueras de San juan. This fiesta involves bull running through the closed streets, then a procession with local bands, floats decorated with flowers, locals in traditional dress and the carrying of huge papier mache effigies parade through the town. Later that evening the effigies are burnt and there is a huge spectacular firework display.

The Port fiesta is held in August and this is a traditional Spanish fiesta where the streets are decorated and local girls parade in traditional costume there is singing and dancing with some professional groups performing. There is a large chess board painted on the floor with local children dressed as chess pieces and a game is played. A large 10' diameter pan is used to cook a giant Paella in the street which is distributed to everyone. The music continues into the night culminating in a spectacular firework display.

The Moors & Christians Festival....

The Moors & Christians festival runs in July and commemorates the battles once fought over Javea. This begins with Moors arriving in boats at the Port followed by gunfire and mock battles. Costumes are worn and traditional Moorish music is played through the night with wines and beers being distributed throughout the crowds. Also in July in the Port is the day of Nuestra Senora del Carmen. This is a blessing for all those who go to sea and involves local fishermen and sailors taking a model of the Virgin, with wreathes of flowers, onto a boat and accompanied by a flotilla of other boats they sail round to the Cabo de la Nao, this is the second lighthouse in Javea.

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These are the main fiestas held in Javea throughout the year, however there are always smaller ones held in November and December and always recommended to check with the local tourist information for accurate times and dates for the events prior to booking any breaks to enjoy the Celebrations, carnivals & Parades.


2015 - Public Holidays in Javea

  • 1 Jan - New Year
  • 6 Jan - Epiphany
  • 19 Mar - San Jose, Fathers Day
  • 2 -6 April - Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • 3 May - Day of the Cross
  • 24 June - Fiesta San Juan
  • 15 Aug - The Assumption of the Virgin
  • 9 Oct - Day of the Valencian Community
  • 12 Oct - Columbus Day
  • 1 Nov - All Saints Day
  • 6 Dec - Day of the Constitution
  • 8 Dec - The Immaculate Conception
  • 25 Dec - Christmas Day

Beachwear ....

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To view more details on the Spanish holiday resort of Javea please click on the link above, next to the seafront photo.


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