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June Birthstone Jewelry for Christmas gifts - Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone

Updated on November 13, 2012

Wondering what to get a special girl or woman in your life for her June birthday? Jewelry is always one of my favorite gifts, to give and to receive. It can also one of the most romantic gifts you can give your wife or girlfriend.

June has three birthstones that can satisfy the full gamut of jewelry tastes, plus win you some points for thoughtfulness and symbolism.


Pearl is the most well-known June birthstone. Pearls are a fantastic choice for a conservative and polished female who would like jewelry with a classic and sophisticated look. They can also be set in very unique and artistic pieces. They look great as earrings, necklaces and even rings and bracelets.

Pearls are lovely alone or mixed with other stones, metals and beads in all kinds of June themed jewelry. They also come in a wider variety of colors (not just white and black) so matching a favorite color can really make them a meaningful gift.

Silver Diamond & Freshwater Black Pearl Ring

Pearl and Diamond Flower Earrings

Moonstone - Another June Birthstone

Moonstone is another birthstone associated with the month of June. Jewelry made with moonstone is often set in silver on creative rings, pendants and dangling earrings. For those that love to show off chunky jewelry with detailed metalwork, there are plenty of unique and handcrafted moonstone gem pieces that will suit a hip trendy style. Moonstone also comes in a variety of colors, but swirls and gradients of white, grey and cream tones, reminiscent of the moon are what gave this stone its name.

Alexandrite - a Rich, Unique Stone for June

Alexandrite is probably the most unique June birthstone. There is a stunning color changing Alexandrite that can be a beautiful sparkly green hue when in daylight and red or red-orange in incandescent light. They are also seen in lovely shades of green-blue and raspberry.

Natural Alexandrite is rare, especially larger gems, with the lab grown being much more readily available, but nonetheless rich and eye-catching. Set with diamonds in a spectacular ring or alone as shimmering and sparkling studs, Alexandrite jewelry is sure to be a conversation piece.

For the ladies born in the month of June, you simply can’t go wrong with a symbolic and shiny piece of birthstone themed jewelry. From a $20 pair of pearl earrings to a $65,000.00 Alexandrite and diamond ring, birthstone jewelry can fit any style, every budget and let the someone know that you truly put thought into your gift. (Ladies, you can thank me later!)


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