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Kaitlin Dougherty- Week 4 Blog Entry

Updated on June 13, 2011

This week was not extremely difficult for me. I was given the task to write a sponsorship letter asking businesses for donations towards our upcoming Etiquette Course. Luckily, I feel that this is a great cause and I had previously learned to construct sponsorship letters in college. I did some research online to refresh my mind and also looked at a fellow interns drafted sponsorship letter. I put my own edge on the letter to get my point across in a succinct, straightforward way. I did not want the letter to be too long or trite, because you only have about 30 seconds to keep the reader's interest before they put it down and never look at it again. I wanted to be straightforward and not beat around to bush to also keep their interest and be concise.

I struggled a little bit with explaining how their donation could benefit their company. Since there is only 45 students who will be at the event, this is not a huge number to say that their business would be drastically increased. Unless the letter was given to a smaller business, I do not think that their donation would help business on a large level. If the letter was being sent to a company like TJMaxx I think that they would probably read the 45 students and then stop reading. I tried to make the letter as convincing as possible in order to prove that this was a worthwhile and beneficial cause! Overall, I thought it came out very well. I was pleased with the wording although it definitely needs to be edited a few more times. With a little more progress and proofreading, it will be the perfect letter to send to potential donors!


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