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Setting Realistic Resolutions for Greater Success

Updated on January 14, 2020
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Linda earned her master's degree in counseling & psychological services. She writes on many genres including personal stories from her life.

New Year's Resolutions


New Year's Goals or Resolutions

Every year as the new year rolls around, we start thinking and planning out what we need to work on or change, to better ourselves. The resolutions are charted out with such pride and genuine belief that we will succeed. Most of us are motivated at the onset of our new life changes but this tends to fade quickly. I recently heard that most people give up or quit their resolutions within one short month. There has to be a good reason why most people don't succeed with the goals they set for themselves.

Definition of New Years's Resolution

According to Wikipedia, a New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year's Day.

How to Set Realistic Goals and Resolutions

I've been working at this new year's resolution for quite a while now and I know what has worked for me and what hasn't. Here are some suggestions that may help you avoid giving up on your 2012 resolutions:

  • Set realistic goals that can help you be more successful
  • If one of your goals is about working out, be specific about which days you'll work out and make sure it fits with your life's schedule.
  • If your trying to lose some weight in the new year, focus more on how much healthier you can be, instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale.
  • Don't tell the world what your resolutions are as I've learned from experience that it creates pressure which can lead to failure which can lead to feeling depressed and embarrassed. Your close family members will most likely figure out some of your resolutions/goals which will hopefully help and not hinder your progress. In short, Love yourself enough to know that your making these changes for yourself and telling everyone about it may hinder you.
  • If your cutting out certain foods or sweets, don't be a black and white thinker. It's fine to have a little treat once in a while and this shouldn't cause you to give up. Cutting out certain foods is a lifestyle change and choosing foods that are on your list of things to cut down on, means just that. You can cut down without giving it up completely.
  • Pamper yourself as your working towards making positive changes. Maybe a spa day if you have the extra cash or do something inexpensive and simple, like taking a bubble bath. These simple rewards can help motivate you as you accomplish goals during your journey. I try to get a massage once a month as it's something I find relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • If one of your goals is to drink more water, go out and buy a fun water bottle. I know it sounds simple but it's helped motivate me to drink the recommended 64 ounces of water a day. I bought my fun bottle at Caribou Coffee of all places. It has a nice, spill free top on it so I can lug it anywhere and not worry about where I store it. You can buy cool bottles pretty much everywhere these days. Anywhere from gas stations to big outlet stores like Target and even grocery stores.
  • If healthy eating is on your list this year, be prepared. Make sure to buy and stock healthy foods you need, so you don't go for the junk food. I even bag my meats so I know it's the right serving on the Weight Watchers program.
  • If working out is part of your goals this year, know what exercise you enjoy. I learned that power walking is something I stick to because I genuinely enjoy it. If weather permits, I prefer walking outdoors. If weather doesn't permit, I jump on my treadmill with headphones. Research has shown that people will stick to an exercise routine more consistently when it's something they enjoy and not an exercise they have to talk themselves into.
  • If your trying to quit a bad habit like smoking, think about joining a support group to help you stay motivated and on track. These days, you can even find support, online.

New Years Resolutions

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Conclusion on How to Make Realistic Resolutions

No matter what your new year resolutions are, make sure to give yourself permission to make fun choices now and then. This makes your goals easier to stick to because you know it's a lifestyle change and not a death sentence for no more fun. For those of you that have decided to make changes in your life, good luck and I wish you a happy, healthy new year.

Sincerely, Linda Rogers

© 2012 Linda Rogers


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