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My visit to Khadakwasla dam in Pune, India

Updated on February 14, 2011

Anandvan Resort

My Sunday Adventure

What an idea!! My friend Kiran asked me if I and my my husband would be interested in spending the Sunday in a resort near Kahadakwasla Dam in Pune. I liked the idea immediately.

From my home it was just a bit more than 45 KM. We crossed Swargate on the way and by 9:30am reached our destination. The resort was a relaxing place called 'Anandvan'.

We crossed the dam while going but decided to stop by on the way back.

It was a spectacular view. So peaceful, so relaxing. The Sun was about to set and the cool breeze made the evening even more pleasant. 


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    The Lake near the dam

    Om Meditation

    The Hill Side View

    Endless Water

    Map : Way to Khadakwasla from Pune

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