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Know How to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday in London

Updated on December 30, 2013

21st Birthday Party Ideas

21! There is something magical about this age that even the most level-headed youth throw caution to the winds. No doubt, turning 21 is a special time that calls for a party but often this night ends in an evening of bar hopping in London. Thinking how to make your 21st birthday a little different? We have got plenty of ideas to make your most awaited birthday as special as you are. Preparing for such an event is only challenging because you have plenty of choices. Read on to plan a memorable birthday bash in London this time.

VENUE: Where the Young Partiers Whoop It Up

Venue plays a key role in unlocking an eventful birthday bash. Given the taste of 21 years old, there are plenty of popular birthday party places in London.

Pool Party
Pool Party

Party by the Pool

Young partiers in London crave for pool parties, especially in summers. A pool party coupled with a buffet makes a great birthday celebration. You need to arrange a long table for buffet. Also, make sure that there is enough room for exciting activities and games. Why not bring the beach fun to your pool party? Come nightfall, all your guests will love to sit around a bonfire for chatting and drinking. Keep up the fun by bringing professional guitar players so you can sing along till the wee hours.

Nightclubs for Hire
Nightclubs for Hire

Hit the Nightclubs

It’s fun to be 21. And when we say fun, the first thing that comes to mind is the nightclubs in London. Music, dance, and drinks reign over youngsters’ definition of nightlife, making clubbing a great option. Why not join clubbing and driving and get the best of both worlds. Reach your birthday venue in style on a limo packed with your buddies. End the night with a bang riding on a limo and shouting out loud that you are 21.

Indulge in Luxury at a Hotel

For the luxurious partiers, nothing is better than celebrating in a luxury hotel. Simply talk to the event managers and get a space booked. You will fall in love with the ease of preparation initiated by the expert event handling team. After a sumptuous party, you can stay in the hotel for the night. Wear off your weariness with a pampering spa session in the morning. If it suits your pocket, there is no better way to indulge in luxury on your birthday.

Concert Night
Concert Night

Attend a Concert

Nothing can match the thrills and spills that a live musical brings. And what can be a better place to enjoy a concert than London. If the celebrant’s favourite band or singer is performing in the area, it could be a ravishing party and gift for him or her. With a bit of preparation, you can really make a big night of it. End the night with a late night eat at a famous 24 hours restaurant. Find your favourite concert and tickets here at

Thames Parties
Thames Parties

Party in London

Where would you like to party in London?

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Cruise Down Thames

Being in London and missing Thames adventures is like partying without alcohol. Take your guests on board a Thames cruiser and relish a delightful dinner against a panoramic backdrop. If you are a bit adventurous, take a speed boat ride down River Thames. Fill your heart with the thrill and excitement of cutting through Thames with your guests.

Party in a Penthouse

Looking for a more private space to party in London? You will definitely love the penthouses for hire in London. Along with privacy, these lush venues boast unrivalled views of the city, giving a perfect backdrop to cut your birthday cake in style. Gather your best buddies together and dance the night away in your private penthouse.

INVITATIONS-Declare Your Coming of Age

Invitations speak your mind to the recipient if carefully created. So, make sure that everything including the font, design, language, images, and symbols exudes your party ambience. Here are some ideas.

Jersey Number 21

For sports maniacs, create invitations that resemble a jersey number 21. All you need to do is download a picture of a jersey with number 21 on it, edit the name, and replace it with party details. Get them printed and shaped like a jersey to enhance the effect.

21 Tequila Shots
21 Tequila Shots

21 Things

Sing it out loud in the invitations that it’s your 21st birthday. Include all things 21 like 21 shots of tequila, the number 21, blackjack terms, or anything that represents your age.

Legally Invited

Highlight something that can be done legally in London only if you are 21 years old. Like many nightclubs in London follow the “over 21” policy, so you can invite your guests to enter a nightclub or a casino.


DRESS: Wear Your Age Proud

Birthday parties are often informal celebrations so you can wear anything you would love to wear for a Saturday night out. But if you are throwing a themed party, then dress accordingly. Try to maintain the themed dress code, so you can totally gel and revel in party ambience.

ENTERTAINMENT-It’s Fun to be 21

A whole new world opens up to you when you are 21. Fill your party with fun activities, as often this is the part that is remembered forever. You have plenty to choose from, so this makes this section the least to worry about.

Dance the Night Away
Dance the Night Away

Drinks and Dance

What can be more fun than pairing drinks with dance? Throw your inhibitions away, let your hair down, and dance the night away. Let the singles mingle and the couples get more passionate. Hire a venue with dance floor, music, and let the fun begin. To keep the fun up, serve delightful spirits, beers, and cocktails. Tipsy young people find such parties quite entertaining.

21 Beers for 21 Years

While having 21 shots is not recommended, having one or two is fine. If Filipino women celebrate their debut with 18 roses, London men celebrate theirs with 21 shots. Each speaker will give a speech for the guest of honour and take a shot before proceeding with the speech. Right after the 21st speech and shot, everyone can drink to their heart.

Rally Racing
Rally Racing


Before you hit the party night, you might want to have an action packed day with your friends. Why not try something like bungee jumping, rally racing, or anything that gets everyone’s heart racing. Once you have enjoyed a fun-filled day, you can paint the town red and have an evening of celebration.

London Tour of Legality

Being 21 opens doors to a new lot of opportunities for fun seekers. Make the most of the new privilege to drop in any club you ever fancied visiting. Get smashed with alcoholic beverages but don’t over consume. You are halfway through 42, so be responsible and don’t drink and drive.

THEMES: Add a Tint of Fun

A party without a theme is like a cocktail without ice cube. Here we have put together 3 of the best themes that will make your birthday bash a sure hit.

Superhero Party
Superhero Party


This is the all-time favourite theme of partiers. Who doesn’t have a hidden superpower? Pull out your veil, paint your body, and fly to the venue. Get ready to meet and mingle with Spider Man, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and incredible hulks.

Name Night

This theme is quite easy to pull off as all you need to do is blow the trumpet in the invitations that everyone has to dress as something starting with the letter of the guest of honor’s first name. Like if the celebrant’s name is Jane, you will see James Bond, journalist, Jacob from Twilight, jesters, or may be jockeys in the party.

Casino Night
Casino Night

Casino Night

Blackjack is a popular casino game that revolves around number 21. Give your party a Vegas feel by arranging some casino tables. Scatter cards and glowing LED cubes on the tables. Hand out fake cash to your guests and get the party started. Don’t forget to serve drinks in mini martini glasses to let everyone gamble like James Bond in Casino Royale.

Black & White

Why not celebrate in a classic way by having a chic black and white theme? It’s the best time for all to bring out those LBDs and tuxedos. Arrange an elegant cocktail party and celebrate this milestone in your life in style.

Soon you’ll be hitting the serious side of life. But before that, make sure to enjoy your 21st birthday that captures the rowdy side of life. These ideas are sure to help you have a ravishing night.


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