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Kouryiannos Hotel Review Kavos 2014

Updated on September 29, 2014

I'm 18 and went for my first "lads" holiday this year with a mate, we are not massive party people when in the UK however booked the holiday with Club 18-30 at Kouryiannos in Kavos because it was cheap and seemed exciting.

After booked we found that there are hardly any reviews for the hotel, which seemed surprising considering that it was fully booked when we went in early September which is getting near the end of the season, there were also lots of people online asking for reviews, however there were none newer than 2010. This slightly worried us about the hotel, however none the less we went and here are our experiences.


We were on a large club 18-30 coach with people from both our hotel and the Trabukos hotel next door, we arrived at 6am in the morning and thus there were no "staff" from the hotel there, we were assigned rooms by the Club 18-30 rep and given our keys, we had a welcome meeting individually in our rooms either then or later that morning, in this welcome meeting you were told all of the terms and conditions of the hotel and then attempted to be sold tickets for events (don't buy them they are more expensive than on the door). We were also told to go to the reception (Pool bar) later in the morning to give our deposit (40 euro each passport not taken) and pay for safety deposit box (10 euro for the week) or Air conditioning (I think 40euro a week) if you wanted them. We only chose the safety deposit box as the room wasn't too hot.

Room impressions

Well, it's basic that's one thing.

We weren't expecting luxury and there wasn't any, however the room wasn't particularly dirty/unsafe either. There is a list by the door noting all the prices for broken items, all of these priced far too high obviously. The floor is tiled, as we were self catering there was a sink, fridge, assorted cutlery, kettle. The beds were so so, not a problem to use only for sleeping. The bathroom was slightly unusual as the shower did not have any walls or a hook for the shower head, thus it was difficult not to spray water all over the room. It is important to note that in Corfu you cannot flush toilet paper down the loo's it must go in a bin next to them, we sprayed this bin with deodorant to avoid and smell and this worked.

The pictures on the Club 18-30 website make the rooms look lighter than they are, ours was on the bottom floor so this probably made it worse however it was still a little dingy, especially with only one light working.

We had a small problem with mosquitoes and swatted many in the room over the holiday, however most of the time we weren't stung too badly in bed.

The Real Greek Soulvaki Restaurant
The Real Greek Soulvaki Restaurant


Kouryiannos is right in the middle of the strip and stretches from the back of the clubs (42nd street) to the seafront. Trabukos next door also plays music until late (8am) very loud so in all sleep is hard to get unless you are very tired. The pool music also starts at 10am very loud.

The location is very easy to get to all the big clubs, and the cheapest/best english breakfast (The Real Greek Soulvaki) is served nearby.

View from the pool bar
View from the pool bar

Bar, Pool and Beach

This is by far the best part of the hotel, there is a bar with an inside area that also backs onto the pool, drinks are reasonably priced here however food is a little expensive compared to other places, however they are all very tasty.

Sunbeds by the pool are free and catch the sun very well, the pool itself is also very clean which was a bit of a surprise. The view onto the beach, sea and Greek coast is also breathtaking and something we weren't expecting.

Wifi was available for 5euro for the week, this was per person and you could have as many devices as you wanted as the women behind the bar just entered the password in for you. The wifi was fast when you were connected, however lots of the time you could connect to it but no internet would work, this seemed a similar problem in many places across kavos.

Kavos in general

Would I ever go back to Kavos again? No I would not, and neither would about 70% of the people I met there. There seems to be two types of people who go there, those who are passed out drunk most the time who come every year who probably total 20-30% and the rest who came because it was cheap and have realise that Kavos is a bit rubbish with not much to do apart from drink, however are making the most of it and having a laugh because they might aswell, we fell into the second group. However by going later in the season there were more people in the early 20's, it wasn't an 18 year old fest as we were expecting.


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