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Lady GaGa Costumes - Buy a Costume on Sale

Updated on May 13, 2011

Lady GaGa Costumes - Buy a Costume on Sale

Get great deals on Lady GaGa costumes and outfits that are authentic to the diva's look. Check them out here to save money and view the video tutorials at the end to help you do replica makeup designs like the famous singer.

Lady GaGa Fancy Dress Costumes - On Sale

Lady GaGa Fancy Dresses for Halloween

Lady GaGa has come out with some unbelievable and trendy outfits. If you are thinking of going as the starlet, consider buying one of her fancy dress costumes. Costumes are replicas of the ones that she wears in media venues. Don’t forget the makeup and wig to put together your Halloween costume. You can get them here.

Costumes for Halloween are discounted and aren't expect to last. Get your Halloween items as soon as you can so that your choice arrives in time.

Lady GaGa Poker Face Outfit for Halloween

Get the GaGa look with this swimsuit outfit replica of the one she wore in "Poker Face" for you Halloween costume.
Get the GaGa look with this swimsuit outfit replica of the one she wore in "Poker Face" for you Halloween costume.

Lady GaGa Poker Face Halloween Costume

Does that swimsuit Lady GaGa costume look familiar? It's the outfit that was featured in the famous "Poker Face" music video. If you want an authentic look, then you can get it on Amazon.

What else will you need? You will need a long blonde wig that you can find below. You will also need a makeup kit (below) and a pair of sexy high heels to compete the Halloween look of Lady GaGa.

Follow the Amazon capsule to buy it today. It's one of the hottest Halloween costumes of the season. It will sell out fast.

Lady GaGa Costumes - Telephone Outfit and More

Lady GaGa Halloween Costume: Outfit That She Wore at the Music Video Awards

Get The Lady GaGa Music Awards Performance Outfit Here:

Music Awards Costume

Costume that you see to the above right comes with everything in the picture except the blonde wig. You get the long boot coverings in white that are decorated with stones, white hot pants, short top with long lace sleeve and the face mask. The hot pants are a little sheer due to being white; however, you can wear a pair of boyshort underwear underneath them. You can purchase boyshort underwear from Wal-Mart or other retail outlets for a couple of bucks.

Bad Romance Lady GaGa Outfit

"Bad Romance" music video outfit worn towards the end of the music video. Video also featured this outfit in white at the beginning.
"Bad Romance" music video outfit worn towards the end of the music video. Video also featured this outfit in white at the beginning.

Buy the Bad Romance Costume Below

Lady GaGa Bad Romance Costume

The size range for the Lady GaGa Bad Romance costume is between the sizes of six and ten --- although it is a one size fits all. The costume is stretchy; therefore, it may be somewhat forgiving for a size 12. A red slip or bodysuit is recommended for use underneath this costume style, as it is made from a lace material. Costume comes with the body outfit and red crown headpiece. 

Lady GaGa Meat Costume

Lady GaGa Meat Costume - Dress

Meat Dress That Lady GaGa Wore

Ah, yes --- GaGa's infamous "meat costume" that she wore to an awards show was not only controversial, but, it is now a costume that you can purchase for Halloween or for theme parties. Costume is a thin, lightweight foam material that is screen printed to appear as a meat product.

Pair the meat costume that Lady GaGa wore with a blonde wig, wild shoes and over the top makeup for your next party.

You can find the right makeup products and wigs below on this page. You'll also find several makeup tutorials to show you how to do your makeup Gaga style.

Wig Sales for Halloween Costumes

With any of GaGa’s looks, you are going to need the proper wig for your costume. Here are the wigs that GaGa wears on the red carpet, in music videos, and in pictures. She usually wears a long platinum wig, but has been known to wear others like a blonde curly one in “Bad Romance.” Lady GaGa also wore the famous “pop can” look in her “Telephone” video. Choose the correct one with the right outfit to make the look its best.

Lady GaGa Sunglasses for Halloween

What isn’t a Lady GaGa look without the right sunglasses? Although not required, you can really pull of the Lady GaGa costume by buying these shades. These shades are officially licensed by the diva. Remember seeing her sport these sunglasses out and about in magazines? The first pair has GAGA in large white lettering, while the other pair are the glasses that she wears in music videos and red carpet events.

Lady GaGa Makeup Tutorial - How-To for Poker Face Look

A Lady GaGa Costume for Halloween Needs Makeup

Now that you have the Halloween costume, now what? Well, you are going to need makeup to get that crazy Lady GaGa look. Buy one of the makeup kits to the right to help you with your transformation. Lady GaGa is known to use crazy makeup shades like silver, purple and glittery other beauty products, which may be difficult to find the items needed in stores. The kits are very inexpensive and will save you a lot of time hunting down the right colors.

Kits also give you stencils to get those lightning bolt and other designs that the diva uses. If you need help, use the videos below. They are tutorials on how to get different looks of Lady GaGa for Halloween.

Lady GaGa Makeup How-To for Bad Romance Look - Halloween Costume Ideas


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