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Build a Lego theme party for a kid's birthday

Updated on March 9, 2015
Lego bricks are available to pick at Lego Stores. The bricks are great for a Master Builder game.
Lego bricks are available to pick at Lego Stores. The bricks are great for a Master Builder game. | Source

Lego building blocks may be a classic toy, but the toys are "awesome" today with popular characters featured in sets, video games and even movies and television shows. As a result, it shouldn't be a surprise if a child requests a Lego-themed birthday party. In fact, I've gotten throw a Lego party for two of my children.

While specific products for a Lego party may not be available for purchase, parents can still easily create a party that fits the theme and meets the child's expectations.



For those who can hand-deliver invitations, a unique idea is to stick the party information onto a large Lego Duplo brick. Simply print the information onto a mailing label, and stick it on the blocks.

For a flatter option, use a design program on the computer to create a unique invitation. Create a red square above the party information, then type the child's name inside the square with white letters. Using the polygon shape tool, draw around the name. Fill the shape with black, then change the line around the polygon to yellow. Change the thickness of the line to even the black space around the name. The name should look like the Lego logo. (This design can also be used for thank you notes.)


The main colors for Lego are red and yellow, so decorate with those colors. The tablecloth can be one color, while the plates, napkins and utensils are the other color. Balloons can be one of the colors, or both.

If the child wants a Lego party, it's likely he already has quite a few Lego bricks. Get the child to help with decorations by asking him to build his age, his name, or anything else he wants in Lego bricks. If the child has the large Lego storage boxes, place those boxes around the room as decoration, too.

Make minifigure pieces out of construction paper for a Pin Together the Minifigure game.
Make minifigure pieces out of construction paper for a Pin Together the Minifigure game. | Source


The 2014 movie provided a couple of ideas for Lego-themed party activities. Only one of the activities we did at the second party was one used at the original party.

Master Builder: In "The Lego Movie," Master Builders can build anything without instructions. For this game, you'll need an equal amount of bricks per team, which can be picked and purchased at a Lego Store for about $9. Separate the kids into teams, with the team members each getting a turn to be the builder as the others verbally help. Give the teams an item to build- a tree, a car, a double-decker couch- and see what their imaginations create.

Pin Together the Minifigure: This is a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with all the pieces missing. Depending on the number of children, draw the different pieces that make up a minifigure- head, hair, (or head/hair combined) torso, arms, hands, (or arms/hands combined) and pants- on construction paper and cut out each piece. The minifigure can even be drawn to look like the birthday child. While blindfolded, each child attempts to place a piece on a poster board in the correct spot.

Make Magic Portals: In the movie, Emmet transports from the real world to Lego world through a child-made magic portal. Kids at the party can make their own magic portals with saved paper towel rolls, crayons, stickers and other stick-on craft decorations that may be leftover from previous projects.

More ideas for traditional games include Hot Potato with a Lego brick or Lego creation, a pinata made out of Lego bricks (for Master Builder parents to build, and for the kids to smash for the candy inside), and Musical Chairs or Freeze Dance to the tune of "Everything is Awesome." To keep kids busy while guests arrive, print out coloring pages or purchase a Lego coloring book and remove the pages for the kids to color.

Lego cupcake
Lego cupcake | Source


Candy stores make it easy for us to make simple, yet awesome cupcakes for a Lego party. Most candy stores have block candy that looks and connects like actual Lego blocks. Instead of sprinkles, just place a few of the candy blocks on top of each cupcake.

For a more advanced idea, make the cake into a Lego block. For pegs, use cupcakes. Then, just wrap the entire cake with fondant for a smooth look. Don't forget to write "LEGO" on top of each peg with icing.

Favor Bags

The bags can be yellow, with each child's name within a red square. The labeled bags are great for storing the Magic Portals made earlier in the party. Ideas for favors include:

  • Play-doh, another classic toy sold in small party tubs.
  • Chocolate Coins, to represent the coins earned in the Lego video games.
  • Lego Mini Notepads, available at Lego Stores.
  • Lego Club magazines and Lego Store events calendars, available for free at Lego Stores.
  • Small Lego sets, found in the check-out aisle at stores like Target.
  • Candy Blocks, placed in snack-size resealable bags.
  • Other Favors for themes that have Lego sets, like Batman, Star Wars or Police.

Ideas for Lego party favors
Ideas for Lego party favors | Source

© 2015 Samantha Sinclair


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