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How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Updated on November 2, 2009

Writing to Santa

Dear Santa, I was very good this year.

Children everywhere delight in the mystery of Santa Clause. The age-old letter to Santa can be a wonderful way for children to express their ideas and wishes.

Before writing a letter to Santa, take a few moments to think about what you really want to include in the Christmas wish letter. Are there some things, other than toys, that could be worthwhile wishes? Have you been good or more naughty than necessary this year? Did you earn good grades in school?

So, let's get in the mood to write to Santa. Put on a favorite Christmas cd, something lively with lots of sounds of jingling bells. Why not add a cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer. Get a piece of paper and a pencil (just in case you need to change a few things), and let's begin.

Start by printing or writing your name and address at the top of the page. Always write neatly, so Santa will be able to read what you wrote.

Begin your letter with “Dear Santa Clause.” It's always a good idea to tell Santa a bit about yourself. He's got many boys and girls to remember, and it can't hurt to refresh his mind. Tell him if you've been good, or bad, because you don't want to fib to Santa.

Add in somethings you did that were special, or helped others. Things like, helping someone learn to read, or color inside the lines, or maybe you helped your grandma and grandpa work in their garden or mow their lawn.

Don't forget to thank Santa for the things he brought you last year. Now it's time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas and why. Keep your list short, and only put things on the list that you truly want. If there are some things you would like Santa to bring for your family, be sure to add these to your list.

You might want to end your letter by wishing all Santa's reindeer, elves, and Mrs. Santa Clause a Merry Christmas. Your letter might look something like this:

Cindy Cinnamon

123 N. Candy Cane Rd.

Snowdrift, MT 99999

Dear Santa Claus,

It's me, Cindy! I was very good this year, and helped my mommy to fold the laundry. I tried to keep my room clean and always put away my toys. I helped my grandma plant flowers, and me and my grandpa went fishing and raked leaves.

Here's what I want for Christmas:

  1. A bicycle with training wheels

  2. A fishing pole

  3. Big trucks

  4. A pink teddy bear

  5. Computer games

  6. Make-up Set

  7. Jewelry

My grandma gets cold in the winter time, and I would like you to bring her a new sweater. My grandpa gets lots of snow and would like a snow blower.

I will put some cookies on a plate and a glass of milk for you. And, there are some peanuts in the kitchen that you can give to your reindeer. Tell the elves and Mrs. Santa Claus that I hope they have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the things you brought me last year, Santa.

Love, Cindy

When you finish your letter, put it in an envelope and address it, or have your mom or dad help you. Send your letter to:

Santa Claus

North Pole, Alaska 99709-9999


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    • profile image

      Rohan 6 years ago

      heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo santa claus

    • profile image

      Rohan 6 years ago

      santa pleas let me call you faster then Rudolph could fly pleas. and could you pick up the phone

    • profile image

      Hannah 6 years ago

      Thank u

    • profile image

      ivori 6 years ago

      Hannah always report bullies to your teacher, principal, and any other official at your school and ask for help. Always tell your parents, too. It's too bad but there are so many kids that think it's cool to be a bully - but it isn't. Maybe your school can give you the name of an organization to protect kids from bullies in your town. Be careful, Hannah, and try to never be alone around the bullies. Always run to teachers or your parents for help. You deserve to have lots of good friends, Hannah.

    • profile image

      hannah 6 years ago

      dear santa please let me have friends in4 grade becuase 2nd i was bullied by Abby Edwards and her clan.

    • profile image

      hannah 6 years ago

      dear santa please let me have friends in4 grade becuase 2nd i was bullied by Abby Edwards and her clan.

    • profile image

      ivori 6 years ago

      Make fun of your name? That's just not good! I will put a checkmark beside anyone's name that makes fun of your name and will let them a note to tell them that they are not going to get all they want for Christmas!

    • profile image

      polly 6 years ago

      Dear santa please make sure nobody makes fun of my name

    • profile image

      ivori 8 years ago

      Ho, Ho, Ho Monty, I'll try to deliver snow this year. Santa

    • profile image

      Monty 8 years ago

      Dear Santa I want snow on Christmas day so mom and me will have a nice quiet Christmas we got chipped on are quiet Christmas last year and we got upset about it because we worked hard planing on it

      Love Monty Benton



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