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Little-Known Santa No. 10

Updated on December 10, 2010
Little-Known Santa No. 10
Little-Known Santa No. 10 | Source

The French have revered Little-Known Santa No.10 for generations upon generations. As consummate foodies, they dearly love their Pear Noel, and gladly welcome him each year at this time.

The particular Pear Noel we see here before us is but the latest in a long line of the sweet and bulbous green chaps descendant from their original ancestor of the early Middle Ages. It’s easy to see by his distinctive silhouette and framing leaves, this fruit does not fall far from the family tree!

Unlike our more traditional roly-poly Santa, Pear Noel has no missus; he instead hangs out most often with a Frangipani Tart named Amandine.


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