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Little-Known Santa No. 12

Updated on June 27, 2016
Little-Known Santa No. 12
Little-Known Santa No. 12 | Source

You don’t know from Little-Known Santa No. 12? Well, this mensch, Sol Kringle, should be no surprise to anyone. I mean, what are we celebrating at this time of year, anyway, but the birthday of a nice little Jewish boy twenty centuries ago! — what else, I ask you?

Is there any doubt this Yuletide guy is one of the Chosen? No matter what you’re looking for, he offers merchandise of only the best value! And he’s shrewd; trust me, he knows who’s naughty and who’s nice. Each year, this kind-hearted son of Levi brings mitzvot to the masses.

After all, what is the scene down many suburban streets in late December (let alone throughout the lands of rickzworld), if not a Festival of Lights!

Cantor or caroler, this elder’s got the voice! And each year, he’s pulled around the sky by reindeer (you want he should instead operate a motorized vehicle after sundown? Psssshhtt! Of course not!)


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