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Little-Known Santa No. 13

Updated on February 24, 2011
Little-Known Santa No. 13
Little-Known Santa No. 13 | Source

Alas, poor unlucky Little-Known Santa No. 13! He’s not aging so well.

In recent years, this geriatric gentleman has been more appropriately known as Sanka Claus. Caffeine now gives him a yelping, yowling, yumping case of the yips, so he has devolved to a determinedly decaf diet.

Glucosamine aids his ailing joints, while antacids quell his quaking gut. One drug calms his restless legs, while another caps his leaky pipes. Meds for memory, meds for sleep, meds for his bowels, meds priced steep. Orange pills ease his muscles’ aches, yellow clear his head, while blue pills insure Mrs. Claus is satisfied in bed.

This season, as he completes his rounds of chimneys of the world, ol’ Sanka Claus will thank the stars for 24-Hour Drive-Thru (Fly-Thru) Pharmacies!


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