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Little-Known Santa No. 6

Updated on February 9, 2011
Little-Known Santa No. 6
Little-Known Santa No. 6 | Source

Well, how do you expect Little-Known Santa No. 6 to unwind, after every little kid on the planet has finally got their favorite doll or train set, plasma screen or iPad?

Simple — he becomes his alter ego, Santa Monica, and hops onto the nearest discount airliner to the sunny West Coast for some serious R&R (and I don’t mean Reindeer & Rebates)!

Santa is soon stylin’ on the strand! With a snappy new pair of shades, some sync’ed surfer tunes, a board that’s waxed to the max, his trusty pair of roller blades, and generous dollops of rogaine, zinc oxide and SPF 35, the evergreen elf will soon be ever-tan.

(After she finishes her third mai tai, Mrs. S is headed for Bob’s Beachside Bikini Boutique for some precious little string-y thong-y thing.) 


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