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Little-Known Santa No. 7

Updated on December 8, 2010
Little-Known Santa No. 7
Little-Known Santa No. 7 | Source

There’s good reason why Santa No. 7 is so Little-Known. Mother Christmas very rarely makes an appearance, and then only at the most raucous of Christmas parties, and only after copious amounts of mulled cider and hard eggnog have been imbibed.

Mother delights in shedding those godawful galoshes for some really gorgeous red heels — they make the calves so much more curvaceous. And, after more than a month of hectic Santa appearances around the globe, and then The Big Night, always sweating and chafing in those heavy velvet pantaloons, it’s delightful to feel the cool wintry breeze on one’s bottom and thighs through some fine French mesh.

Like the lipstick? It’s ‘North Pole Poppy’, custom formulated to match the old elf’s dress and chapeau!

(The single red rose is from Rudolph, who’s always had a thing for this cross-dressed version of his team leader; you might say he’s a very deer friend.)


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