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Luxury Easter Egg Chocolates

Updated on March 27, 2017

Hotel Chocolat Makes Easter Mega

Hotel Chocolat pulls out all the stops over the Easter period with a range of eggs that go from small to their stunning Ostrich size. The Milk Chocolate Easter Scrambled Egg is a mid-range price consisting of 40% milk chocolate hollow Easter egg painted with a wild scramble of chocolate drizzles, and also featuring half-a-dozen milk chocolate pralines. There are also white and dark versions of most eggs, so there are no limits on preferred taste.

The Extra Thick Easter Eggs are really ones to savour over the entire Easter weekend as they come with extra-thick eggshells, pralines and truffles, presented in a handy keepsake hatbox. The Classic Ostrich Egg is the real crowd-pleasing centrepiece for luxury budgets, with two massive half-shells. The inside of the egg contains a Sleekster-style range of 27 chocolates filled with mellow pralines, molten caramels, tangy fruits and other memorable favourites.

There is almost too much choice for children as Hotel Chocolat excels in playing up to the youthful zest of the occasion. Nibble and Peck contains 15 bunnies and chicks, the Egg on Toast with a milk chocolate lolly and a white chocolate yolk is a good choice while Egg on My Face also enters into the spirit with a 40% milk chocolate slab with a white chocolate smiley face.

Rococo Chocolates
Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates Put Style and Substance into Easter

Rococo Chocolates offer a whole different take on the Easter taste. Rather than stand out tall eggs, the company creates magic out of its ingredients and imagination. Take a look at the at the six hen's eggs blown and filled with delicious fine hazelnut praline, sitting in a resplendent egg crate. For children who need a spontaneous egg hunt, there is the large 1Kg pack of Hunting Bunny creamy milk chocolate Easter Eggs which will do the trick. Milk and white chocolate praline animals from the Rococo farm also provide a very tasty alternative for youngsters with featured praline bunnies, ducks, lambs and chickens.

Divine ChocolateTranslates Tastes from Bar to Egg

Divine Chocolate is known for its delicious range of chocolate bars and they have translated these tastes into a number of 100 gram and 55 gram eggs that range from the standard 70 per cent dark flavour to toffee and sea salt, raspberry dark, and white chocolate. There are also their winning mini eggs on selection with a sumptuous praline taste, speckled eggs, and the traditional chocolate hearts.


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