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Are Mothers the Goddess on Earth?

Updated on May 5, 2016

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

— Rudyard Kipling

Mother's Love


Mother's Day


When is Mother's Day?

The 2nd Sunday in the month of May is celebrated as the Mother’s Day in India and U.S. too. World wide the day of the celebration varies a bit but the motto remains the same. It is believed that the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day is drawn from Greece where worshiping mother is an age-old practice.

Celebration of Mother's Day

It’s definitely a nice way to celebrate motherhood. This is not a celebration for an individual rather it is to celebrate that auspicious time, moment or better to mark it as an event when a lady becomes a mother. It changes the person as a whole. A mother’s life remains no more of her own. It starts revolving around the life of the child. We all know what mothers are! They deserve kudos not only on a specific day but at every moment. Well, it’s not feasible as our lives have become so materialistic and mechanical that we don’t have time to celebrate very often. Thus, at least one single day in a year for them (the mothers) whose, entire entity is captivated by the children. A poem by me for this special occasion:

Have fun, Mom

Not able to remember,

The pain you took….

Then when I was a little kid,

Gradually by each passing day,

Started understanding,

Now, able to realize too,

The troubles you take regularly,

Sacrificing your own wish,

Not even you nurture any dream,

Willingly skip much awaited break,

Only aim is to brighten my future,

Gives me a strange feeling,

… Am I worthy of all you do?

Well Mamma,

Let me feel a bit worthy,

At least enjoy this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Let’s go back to the 20th century and we will learn about the history of the Mother’s Day. An U.S. lady named Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis founded Mother’s Day Work Clubs in five cities. This club looked after various things including treating of wounds. Even injured soldiers were looked after without any reservation. She died on 9th May, 1905. After two years of her death, her daughter Anna Jarvis started a mission to commemorate her mother’s death anniversary as Mother’s Day, an official holiday. For the first time International Women’s Day was celebrated on 28th Feb, 1909 in U.S. Later on, in 1914 Anna Jarvis’s dream got fulfilled and the second Sunday in May got an official recognition as Mother’s Day.

A Mother is truly a Goddess

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

— William Makepeace Thackeray

Goddess Mother


Mothers are Divine

The name itself sounds as powerful as the persons (the mothers) in this world. She is next to goddess. The truth is, goddess will not come down to earth but she needs somebody to look after her children on earth. Goddess has sent her representative in this real world in the form of mothers. Lord has made them so powerful that all the children love to believe that mothers watch them always no matter wherever they are.

A poem written by Rabindranath Tagore, the first Indian to get the Nobel Prize for Literature, titled ‘I Cannot Remember My Mother’ depicts the presence of a mother in every little thing even if she had left for the heavenly abode long back. A child who lost his mother when he was in his cradle cannot remember anything about her is the truth. Still, nobody can stop the child from imagining about mother. Somewhere in its heart and mind, imagination gets etched very boldly. Underneath, I quote few lines from Tagore’s poem (under the title mentioned above) to establish the fact of the imagination that mothers watch their children from above too:

I cannot remember my mother

Only when from my bedroom window I send

My eyes into the blue of the distant sky,

I feel that the stillness of my mother’s gaze on my face

Has spread all over the sky.


Though, mothers are all time favorites for any children then too it will be untrue to say that every mother and her children have the best of the bonds. Due to some or the other reason bitterness do occur in some mother-child relationship but the percentage is yet very negligible.

Let us dive into the Hindu mythology, The Ramayana. Lord Rama’s step mother Kunti wanted her son, Bharat, to acquire the throne and so she manipulated the situation accordingly. Bharat got disheartened and a gap was created between his mother, Kunti, and him. Though Kunti’s act was not praiseworthy but analyze it a little and we see the fact that mother Kunti wanted the best for her son. So just see, mothers always think in terms of their child.Hold a bit, there should be a brake because mothers are the architect of their child’s future. While imparting education to the child it is important to keep in mind that later on the child will portray the same stuff. Thus, the present mothers and the mothers to be must be very careful.


A child remains a child for its mother despite the age the child has reached. As a kid, young or an adult the child without any hesitation looks up to their mother at the time of crisis. Why not, she is the epitome of selfless love. But, it's a tragedy that even this sweetest relationship has undergone commercialization and also selfish approach. Many cases are being witnessed now a days that children are taking the advantage of their mother’s love for their very personal benefit. Same is happening in the business world. Mother’s Day is now hyped a lot and is used for making bucks after bucks every year. The people are stepping into this trap very easily. Now, the genuine feeling for one’s own mother is expressed not through proper caring and attachment but rather with mechanical pomp and show.


The irony is, the lady, Anna Jarvis who worked hard for the Women’s Day recognition got dissatisfied by 1920 due to the commercialization. She protested against the commercialization until her death. Her protest went in vain and commercialization has reached its peak.

A Great Tribute to a Mother who is no more


This write up is not only to give a tribute to the mothers who are alive but I want to pay tribute to those mothers (including mine) who are no more in this world. As a tribute I wrote a poem for my mom but I am sure it will be a befitting tribute to all the mothers who are passionately watching their children (hopefully, me too) from above.

Homage to my Late Mother

When I saw you last,

You were lying still on your pyre,

Now that you are not around,

This Mother’s Day reminds me,

How I lost opportunities to wish you,

But instead of regretting I feel,

It’s better to be late than never,

Today while holding your photograph,

I offer you my wholehearted thanks,

Certainly, it’ll reach you in heaven,

Undoubtedly, on earth I'll receive your forgiveness,

Even though I wished you so late.

Happy Mother’s Day!

An exemplary and courageous mother

My tribute to strong mothers:

Mothers are woman and females are regarded as emotionally weak. Here, I want to add that mothers when needed for their children prove to be very strong no matter from which background they belong. Sometimes mothers have to perform few roles together and at that time according to the need of the time mother opts one. In such a case child may seem to be neglected but that's not the case. Mothers know how painful is the decision to live her child back and play the other role with utmost sincerity. For example: Indian woman boxer MC Mary Kom won her fifth world boxing championship while back in India her three year old son was undergoing heart surgery. Imagine her anxiety and emotional state but still she performed her national duty. Strong mothers deserve to be felicitated specially on the Mother's Day. Hope you agree that mothers are strong too and Mother's Day is the best occasion to wish them well.

A Strong Motherly Act

A recent news in a newspaper made me feel once again that mothers are truly a Goddess on earth. It is considered that women are weaker but when a woman's child is in danger then no one can stop her from becoming a saviour. Sometimes the mother may fail in true terms of keeping the danger away but her effort never lessens. The news said that a mother on her scooter chased some kidnappers and foiled their mission of kidnapping her minor daughter while she was returning from school. Great indeed! Such mother's make Mother's Day more and more powerful.


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