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Magazine Subscriptions: Better than Ever

Updated on November 24, 2016

Still the perfect gift

Still the perfect gift.  Keeps giving all year long.
Still the perfect gift. Keeps giving all year long.

Desire for Magazine Subscriptions Making a Comeback

With the ever increasing network of internet resources, such as blogging and online media articles, the availability of on-demand media and interest specific information certainly has made an impact on the magazine and journal industries. However, unlike their newspaper counterparts, these companies have found that by refocusing and offering both hardcopy and digital content, they will not only survive, but actually grow. The desire for magazines is becoming higher on people's wish list as they are seeking a tangible escape caused by internet burnout.

The Printed Magazine Market is Growing

Why the "Perfect" Gift?

The thought does count

Choosing the right magazine or periodical shows the recipient that the gifting wasn't a gift bought just to fulfill a list. It shows that a personal thought process went into the decision and that the importance was a significant and deliberate choice.

Keeps on giving all year long

Depending on the subscription, the gift keeps on coming week after week, month after month, quarter after quarter, etc. Many times there will also be bonus year end editions or special editions which enhance the gift. Each time a magazine arrives it serves as a reminder of the giver and the occasion that it was given. A great way to encourage business relationships is by gifting magazine subscriptions directly to the primary contact or as a general subscription to the company or business itself. In this instance, many times it will become a shared resource. Many times, the very anticipation of delivery will also create a giver awareness.

Appropriate for any occasion

Regardless of the occasion, whether it is as a Christmas, birthday, Easter, anniversary or other significant event, a magazine subscription gift is considered appropriate and is well received. Added purchase scheduling is becoming popular allowing a gifter to plan well ahead of the event and arrange for multiple "start" times of a subscription.

Perfect for any segment

Young or old, male or female, personal or business, there is a magazine or journal available to satisfy the palette for practically any interest, affiliation, craft or hobby. In cases where specific connects can not be determined, there is also a vast selection of choices that will reach a general audience and valued.

Group gifting economics

There are instances where purchasing a group subscription provides an opportunity to present a valuable gift that encompasses a situation where multiple recipients can be pleased without creating a financial burden. The economics of group gifting still allows for a quality gift while conserving your resources. Some great examples of group gifting:

  • Giving a subscription to a family: National Geographic is a great resource for a family to explore the world together and provides years of supplementary uses.
  • Giving a subscription to a couple: Travel and historical magazines are great for mature couples, food and news magazines are great for younger couples.
  • Giving a shared subscription to children: Magazines such as Highlights for Children or activity type offerings create bonding among siblings and provide great parent to children interaction.
  • Giving a shared subscription to an affiliation: Clubs, special interest groups, and non profit organizations can benefit by passing around a common copy of subscriptions. Many times these magazines become part of their archives or libraries. Depending on the group or organization, these subscriptions are also tax deductible on your part.

There are literally thousands of quality choices
There are literally thousands of quality choices

How To Choose the Right Magazine

Shopping for a large number of subscriptions with an equally large number of variables can be a very time consuming endeavor. A simple list like shown below expedites the process and helps narrow down the selections in a relatively short amount of time. Most magazine oriented search engines will allow you to filter the results by using several keywords. The search process can be extremely enjoyable and the result will provide the perfect gift.

Utilizing not only the keywords generated by a list, but also using "shopping cart" features allow you to edit, save, change, duplicate and work on your shopping a little bit at a time. Another great advantage comes when the actual decision to "buy" happens. In many cases quantity discounts or other incentives occur when you place your order all at once

Sample Magazine Shopping List

Mom & Dad
Grandchild 1
Back to School
Best Friend

Sample list of magazine shopping, using these keywords helps determine the right choice

Turning off the internet and turning on your kids
Turning off the internet and turning on your kids

Packaging the Gift and Instant Gratification

The downside to magazine subscription buying is the "instant gratification" response that tangible gift giving demonstrates. There are ways however to do both. Online subscription merchants have provided several free services to help alleviate this challenge. There are also some unique ways to present your gift that adds a special touch not quickly forgotten.

Free Services

Most merchants provide some if not all of the following gifting options:

  • Free notification to the recipient via email, social media, and direct mail announcement
  • Free delivery tracking with date of first delivery
  • Free online subscription management for the recipient allowing address corrections or change of address
  • Special discounts for future renewal subscriptions
  • Free sample copies for consideration to existing recipients
  • Free cancellation and balance application to alternative titles, satisfaction guaranteed

Present the current issue with a note card

The instant gratification can be obtained simply by also giving the most current issue from your local newsstand or bookstore. Depending on the first issue arrival date, there will be no lapse in subscription sequence. This works extremely well for children.

Print out a color copy of the current issue and include it with the gift subscription notice

Part of the process in shopping for subscriptions should include saving the merchandising photo provided on most online shopping sites. Use this picture as part of your greeting and gift presentation. Again, this works well with children (of all ages) because it gives them a poster like reminder that can be placed on the fridge or bulletin board. A fun way to wrap the present is to roll the printed out copy like a scroll and tie it with a simple bow. This method works well as a stocking stuffer or placed between branches of a Christmas tree.

Where to buy

A simple online search will bring up a multitude of magazine merchants. Many have special offers and other incentives. One of the highest rated most reliable is Amazon. Not only does Amazon provide excellent choices, but the supplementary information such as product reviews and sample pages along with their well organized search features make it top rated.

"Old school" methods such as fundraising brochures often utilized by school groups and clubs are not only a fun way to shop but also a "give it back" opportunity.

Window Shopping

If you've never tried window shopping for magazines, below are some samples to give you a general idea on how much fun shopping can be. I've chosen a few for you to play with. You will find literally thousands of topics, some I'm sure you may never have heard of.

Good buys are abundant

Better Homes and Gardens is a great example of finding "good" buys. A two year subscription (24 issues) cost only $10...that's only .42 cents an issue.

Special Themes make it personal

Knowing the heart of the person you are sending a subscription to is a great way of showing how much you care.

Faith and Spirituality

Kids need quiet times

Kids and teens who step away from the blast of internet media will find great excitement every time "their" magazine arrives.

Kids and Teens

Magazine Subscriptions Make Great Gifts...for..

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