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Some Homemade Halloween Recipes and Tip-o-Tricks For You.

Updated on October 19, 2018
ayeza shehzad profile image

Ayexa has been a makeup and sfx enthusiast for the past seven years. She loves to share her experience with others.

October,A Month of Terror For Your Wallet

As soon as October starts, our gallery fills with all types of screenshots, from bloody gothic skeleton to cute sexy bunny!Our goal is to make this Halloween go down as our best Halloween! We want to try everything, but there is a price to pay, and that price is almost always too much.

But just because your pocket money does not allow you to experience the highest level of joy, that does not mean that you should stop dreaming.

Here we present you our most favorite recipes, hacks and some tip-o-tricks to make your Halloween as smooth as possible.

Warning For Children

Parental guidance might be needed if you are a child. Don't try to do this alone or you may inflict some injury.

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Can you feel that thickness??? So rich.... This lip tattooCorn syrup bloodThis messy stuff is the coconut oil blood
Can you feel that thickness???
Can you feel that thickness???
So rich.... This lip tattoo
So rich.... This lip tattoo
Corn syrup blood
Corn syrup blood
This messy stuff is the coconut oil blood
This messy stuff is the coconut oil blood

DIY Fake Blood

Who doesn't love a good dose of bright red blood? I surely do!

There are three ways you can make blood at home.

  1. Corn Syrup: Take some corn syrup , add a few drops of red food color and mix. Continue to mix until you get the red color you want. If you want a more dark red maroon-ish blood, add one drop of blue food color. Continue testing unless you have the perfect color you desire, and voila! You have edible fake blood!
  2. Red Lipstick and Coconut Oil: It's time to use that discarded red lipstick. Cut a portion of it , add one or two teaspoon of coconut oil in it along with just a hint of black eye pencil's residue. Heat the mixture for a few minutes while mixing it continuously . Pour it in some container and let it cool. This recipe makes great blood to use between cuts.
  3. Lip Tattoo As Scab Blood: We were thrilled when we found out what a perfect substitute dark red lip tattoo was to the scab blood. Just smear it in the wound and when dry, add a hint of Vaseline to give it a glossy feel.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Of course, our recipes are not exactly like the industrial ones, but with practice and precision, you will make it to perfection. You have to work on it to get the perfect quantities and in the process, you will make some bad batches, but don't lose hope. We assure you, everyone faces this issue. We did too.

My absolute favourite ones
My absolute favourite ones

Ran Out Of Liquid Latex? No Problem!

Liquid latex is the heart of many special effects looks. But what if you can't seem to find it or ran out of it?

No worries! Just use your lash glue for it also contains latex, and it is also skin friendly! Transparent glue would be better actually!

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Some work in progress... scroll down for complete lookhomemade scar waxThe edges are easily blended with a little vaseline
Some work in progress... scroll down for complete look
Some work in progress... scroll down for complete look
homemade scar wax
homemade scar wax
The edges are easily blended with a little vaseline
The edges are easily blended with a little vaseline

Diy Customized Scar Wax

Scar Wax is the essence of many Halloween looks and guess what, it is also very easy to make! But finding one that matches your skin tone is a hassle! Well, we have you covered!

Just take Vaseline and cornstarch and mix them in the ratio of 1:2, that is, for one tablespoon of Vaseline you will need two tablespoon of cornstarch. Mix them and add one pump of your foundation.

Mix them well and test it from time to time. If it is too sticky , add more cornstarch unless it is just like you desire. And there you have it, your own customized scar wax.


I find it very easy to first melt the Vaseline and then add the cornstarch in it. In this way, mixing becomes smooth and easy.

Use Of Tape

Can You see the tape present at the edges? P.S These bones are made of q-tips.
Can You see the tape present at the edges? P.S These bones are made of q-tips.

Protect Your Skin

Taking off SFX make up is a hassle, so what easy way can be used?

Simple! Use masking tape below your makeup and at the end of the day, just take that off!

Ever thought of using Q-Tips as bones? Well why not! They are slender and tough and cheap. Just cut its end, paint it white with nail paint and stick it!

Congratulations! You have bones!

Wonders a Black Color Can Do!

Running late for your Halloween and can't decide what to do? Don't worry! Just grab a black eye liner, black eye shadow and a make up brush.

First, color the eye lid of your eye with black liner just below the crease. Then start putting the black eye shadow around the eyes roughly.

Then contour your nose and cheeks with the same black and put some around your mouth. Now take black eye liner and start to make fine black veins around your eyes and mouth.

Wow! You look terrifying!

No Realistic Face Mould? Try This

If you don't have a face mould to make masks, rest assured!

Just use some regular cheap face mask and grease it with Vaseline.

Then start shaping your imagination!

Except for eye shadows, I made the complete look using only the things mentioned in the article!
Except for eye shadows, I made the complete look using only the things mentioned in the article!

How To Make Some Larvae?

This is for those who really want to gross out their friends and even themselves. After making your wound and covering it with blood, sprinkle it with some Rice grains and put some blood on them too! And there you have it, some perfect larvae casually feeding on your wound!

I hope that this article was of some help to you. If you have any other tips or tricks you enjoy, do let me know in the comments!

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