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Make Your Own Halloween Costume

Updated on August 20, 2014
Used under a paid license
Used under a paid license | Source

Making Your Own Halloween Costumes for 2014

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year because of all the spooky activities, trick-or-treating, parties, and of course being able to dress up like your favorite movie star, cartoon character, super hero and monster.

But sometimes when you want a costume that's truly unique and will take everyone by surprise there's only one way to go about it and that's with fun homemade Halloween.

If you're looking to be something creative this year, something you've never done before then here are a 10 great ideas for fun homemade Halloween costumes.

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10 Fun Halloween Costumes That You Can Make Yourself!

If you have decided that you and your family are going to wear Homemade Halloween Costumes this year then here are ten great ideas to get you thinking.

Take a look at these costume ideas and you can either create them as shown or adapt them to suit your own needs or style!

Bank Robbers

Good bank robbers of course and don't worry, those sacks aren't filled with other people's hard earned money. Instead it's overflowing with yummy candy that was willingly given to them.

Create your own bank robber costume with some black pants, black gloves, a black beanie, and a black and white stripe shirt. You can use an old black sleeping mask for the robber's mask; just punch eye holes in them.

E.T. and Elliot

All you need is a red hooded jacket, bike handles with a basket, and a small E.T. doll wrapped in a blanket to recreate this iconic look. It may not get you to the moon, but it's enough to get you to your neighbor's home for some yummy treats and candy.

Pinterest Board

It's the perfect costume for those of you who are addicted to Pinterest and can't stop pinning thing you like. Take a cork board and fill it with some magazine cut outs of things you simply adore. Now you can show people what you've pinned without even having to sign onto your computer.

S'mores Family

Everyone loves S'mores. Turn you and your family into the ingredients of this deliciously sticky, gooey, chocolaty snack. If you're skilled with a needle or a sewing machine then these costumes can be created with just a couple felt pieces, cloth and cardboard.

The Cast Away and Wilson the Volleyball

This is absolutely brilliant and a pretty humorous costume as well. Become the famous and blood stained volleyball, Wilson and the lonely man who made him from the movie Cast Away. You can make these costumes in many ways. For Wilson, use an oversized stuffed white t-shirt and paint a bloody handprint with a smiley face on the front or you can use paper Mache, white cloth fabric and wiring.

As for the cast away, grow a beard, take of your shirt, and don't shower for a few days. And for a more convincing look, carry around a FedEx package.

Bath Bubbles

Oh the things you can create with dozens of small clear and white balloons. Just stick them on your person and add a tiny rubber ducky for the finishing touch.

Potted Plant

Cut out the bottom of a plastic bucket, one that's large enough to wear around your waist and stuff it with a bunch of fake plastic flowers. Viola, the potted plant.

Cotton Candy

Hopefully no one mistakes you for the real thing; otherwise you'll have tons of tiny tots chasing after you, trying to get a bite. To create this look, use some pillow stuffing and stick them to an unused shirt.

Then spray paint it lightly with either blue or pink for that cotton candy look. For the hat, use white poster board rolled up into a cone and stuffed with the remaining painted cotton candy (pillow stuffing). Secure the entire thing on your

A Bag of Jelly Beans

Another costume you should wear with caution when out in public. You can make this easily with a clear plastic bag, multi colored balloons and string. Now that's what you call Halloween candy and costume in one.

BLT Family

Don't you just love these family/group costumes made from your favorite food? This one features mom and dad as the bread and the kids as the BLT. Get creative with felt, fabric, cotton stuffing, and a needle. It'll take some skill and ingenuity but your end result will sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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