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Make Someone's Christmas Better this Year!

Updated on December 23, 2019
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Help someone in any form and let empathy be your key to live life successfully.

Last week while on my way to home, I was walking past some hotels. They were decorated with such beautiful and colourful lights, balloons and Christmas tree! That was when I realized that yes, finally Christmas is about to approach. Just on the opposite side of the road, I could see beggar outside a temple begging for food and a little girl who rather than investing herself into studying, was helping her mother clean that temple. I was wondering at the irony of life! Somewhere someone is celebrating and at the same place someone else is struggling with life even during holiday season.

We all are designing and living our own life...

A Christmas for Everyone

Arrival of Christmas is nothing but arrival of wishes, new events, goodies, blessings and much more. And do you all know what, these blessings and wishes are for everyone equally. The Almighty never distinguishes on whom to bless more and whom less. Never! For him, we all are one. We all are equal. Reading this some of you might question that if we all are one for God, then why do some people suffer and some do not, why do many are in debt, why do natural calamities destroy homes and livelihood of several people? So many questions, isn't it?

With all these questions and thoughts, for once just look back and think about all your problems which you faced in life or were faced by some of your close people. Think how beautifully you solved them by yourselves, how tactfully you helped others to solve their problems and sometimes others helped you too. Maybe in the form of family, a friend, relative, colleague, doctor, therapist or even a stranger for that matter. The point here is that you were helped in the form of a human or an animal. If we humans have such a power of empathy and helping someone who is in need, think that if all of us starts helping someone or the other being, we all can make this world a better place to live in.

How can you make someone's Christmas better?

Now the question is what can you for others? Or maybe we can reframe the question to 'how can I do something for others?' And you will realize that you already know some answers. It is just the matter of implication. Before I tell you all about ways you can make someone's Christmas better, answer me this.

In what form would you prefer to help someone?

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Helping someone in need will not just make them happy but double up your joy as well

A Small Gift with a Huge Heart

Many of you might have voted for different answers but honestly any of the above options will definitely make someone's Christmas better! No one would ever deny their love for gifts, isn't it? If we receive a gift from someone, we feel so happy and it literally makes our day. All what matters is that you chose to gift something to a person and to celebrate with them. A simple greeting card or a chocolate can also make someone feel special. We all give gifts to our family, friends and loved ones but gifting a stranger or someone whom you haven't been so close with is totally unexpected surprise for them. And believe it or not, everyone loves unexpected surprises! A gift small or big, does not matter. But your huge heart for being so thoughtful matters a lot.

Food for a Starving Soul

We cry for not getting beautiful clothes during shopping, we frown when our favourite restaurant is shut, but our shallow minds fail to understand that there are living beings around us who struggle for basic necessity and that is nothing but 'food'. If you give food to a needy person, it will never get wasted and you will be remembered by them forever. This Christmas when you prepare delicacies to serve your family and friends, make sure you fill someone else's stomach too who is in need.

A Free Service

Remember the excitement you feel when you buy a jeans from a clothing store and the salesperson says, "Madam, with this pair of jeans s you get a gift voucher." We all love free stuff! Whatever you do, wherever you work or serve people in some or the other form, when your customer gets something for free he feels amazing. On occasion of Christmas and holiday season if you provide a free service to someone they will always remember you for this small good deed. I remember when I used to go to an NGO and we had celebrated Christmas with orphan kids. We had distributed lots of toys and goodies amongst them and their smile and contentment was heavenly! Free service not necessary has to go in lines with social work but a small way or deed to make the society better is more than enough.

People do feel that for doing social work it needs lot of investment with respect to time and money.

No! All it needs is your wish to do something for community

Smile- a gift which is free of cost!

When I was kid, somewhere around 5 year old, I used to smile at strangers too. During those days once I had smiled at a lady who was weeping on a roadside bench. She wiped off her tears and smiled back at me. Now when I remember that incident I realize that smile has a power to make someone feel so good that they forget what they are going through during that moment! The way laugh is contagious, so is smile. Try this out. Simply give a smile and you will definitely get back one. Smile is a free gift and is available 24×7.

Time- a priceless gift!

The most precious gift of all! Everyone has it but still everyone wants more of it. Time is something you can never gain more but can spend it definitely. Your own precious time when you spend it with someone, it is one of the best gifts you can give them. Someone has rightly said, 'Time is money.' Time is priceless but still an expensive gift! Giving your time to someone makes them realize that you are important to them. Even if you do not spend much to gift people, make sure in this Christmas season you spend your precious time with someone.

Be Someone's Santa!

It is believed that Santa arrives on our planet every Christmas to shower all joys and happiness and take away all our problems. Ever thought how can we humans be Santa for other beings? In this busy world, just doing these above things when they are in their difficult situations can actually give you multiple blessings. It is understandable that none of us have such a long time to actually find people out, listen and analyze their problems and find solutions to them. These things would not need much time and you can simply incorporate these in your daily life. In our day to day lifestyle itself, how much ever busy we are, we can still help someone out. If I am a doctor by profession, simply complimenting my patient for their motivation towards recovery will make them feel good about themselves. Feeding some food to a stray animal will make them remember you. You do not need a special occasion of a separate time to put in to make someone's life better. All you need is YOU! All you need is YOUR WILL to do something for society. Rather than blaming others as to why can they not do something for people, learn to do that yourself! Learn to be Santa for others!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Natasha Tungare


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