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Making Mom Feel Special on Mother's Day

Updated on February 13, 2017

Mother's Give So Much

Most of us look back upon our childhood with fond memories of family and friends. We think about first exploring the world around us and the wonder we felt as the mysteries of the world around us was brought into focus.

For many of us, the guide who walked us through these early years was our mother. Through the first five years of life, mother served as teacher, friend and even nurse. Whenever there was a problem, mom was always there with a solution.

As we grew older and headed off to school, friends, teachers and others began to have more influence in our young lives, but it was still mom that kept us headed down the right path. As we entered adolescence, mom often found herself assuming the role of counselor as we began to deal with pimples, popularity and dating.

All of this and so much more. Throughout our lives our mother's give so much and ask so little in return.

Remember to Make Mother's Day Her Day

It comes around each spring, when we look at the calender and see the words "mother's day". This sets in motion that sense of urgency. We rush around trying to find the perfect card, then pound the pavement in search of a gift she will love.

In all honesty, it doesn't need to be so difficult. In my own experience I have learned that mothers are not concerned with the gift or card. Being surrounded by her children is what will make her day, knowing that her children are happy and that they appreciate the sacrifices she has made. Remember, mothers often live through their children.

If you live nearby, take her out and treat her to a nice dinner. Someplace nice, where you can enjoy a relaxed conversation over your meal. This simple action will make any mother smile more than any gift ever could.

If, as in my case, you live a long distance away, then the next best thing is to pick up the telephone. Hearing your voice and sharing a bit of conversation is something she will look forward to. Tell her about what is happening in your life, share the details of your own family, if you have one.

Regardless of what you choose to do for Mother's Day, it always adds a nice touch if you give her a card. Take a few minutes and pick out one that says what you feel, make it personal. You don't want to give the impression that you bought the first card you saw on the rack.

In the end, what mom's everywhere really want is to be a part of their children's lives. It is the eternal truth of motherhood and it is such a small thing that she asks of us. So if you haven't marked mother's day on your calender yet, do it today. You will make someone very happy.

© 2012 Christopher J Wood


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